How to Delete Sleep Tracking Data in iOS 14 on iPhone


INTRO: Along with the power to live the quantity level of headphones in real-time and therefore the automatic reduction of loud headphone audio, sleep tracking is my favorite health-centric feature that has arrived in iOS 14. While trying to customize the sleep mode in line with my needs, we saw the whole recorded sleep data.

Delete Specific or Entire Sleep Tracking Data on iPhone

Though the method of cleaning up the outdated sleep data is sort of simple, it requires to urge a touch deep into the Health app. That’s probably the reason why not many of you may have discovered it.

For better management of the sleep tracking data, the Health app allows you to delete specific sleep tracking data or remove the whole records directly . So, supported your needs, you’ll choose the well-liked choice to keep the stock health app neat.

1. Launch the Health app on your iPhone.
2. Now, tap on the Browse tab at rock bottom right corner of the screen
3. Next, choose the Sleep option.
4. Next up, scroll all the thanks to rock bottom and tap on Show All Data.
5. On this screen, you ought to see an extended list of all the recorded sleep data. Tap on the Edit button at the highest right corner of the screen.
Remove Specific Sleep Tracking Data

If you would like to urge obviate a selected data, then hit the red button to the left of the recorded data then hit Delete to verify .
Delete All Sleep Tracking Data At Once

If you would like to wipe out all the sleep tracking data directly , tap on the Delete All button at the highest left corner of the screen and ensure .

Manage Your Sleep Tracking Data With Ease

So, that’s the way you’ll take hold of sleep tracking data within the health app. If you don’t want the stock health app to urge cluttered or want to start out a fresh tracking of your sleep, use the above tutorial to delete the sleep tracking data.

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