How To Install ColorOS 11 Beta Update In Oppo Devices


INTRO: Oppo has unveiled its next-gen ColorOS 11 software skin for smartphones at a virtual event today. It is a successor to ColorOS 7 but witnesses a huge number jump to align itself with the stock Android update cycle. The ColorOS 11 update brings along minor UI/ UX and dark theme upgrades, FlexDrop, Oppo Relax 2.0, and a lot more.

How To Install ColorOS 11 Beta Update

If your Oppo phone is eligible for the ColorOS 11 beta update, follow the steps below to install the next-gen skin and experience the new features:

  1. Navigate to ‘Settings > Software Update’ and tap on the settings cog at the top right corner.
  2. Here, you will see a ‘Beta Version’ message when it is available for your Oppo phone. The screenshot below shows that only 1000 spots will be available for the beta test, so users will need to be quick if they want to test out the latest features.colorOS 11 update install
  3. Once you tap on the ‘Beta Version’message, you will need to fill in your personal information and apply it to receive the beta update.

Note: Oppo says that the update will be available to install within 3 days of submitting the application.

  1. Now all you need to do is tap the ‘Download Now’ button to hit the ground running with the latest update.

Oppo has currently revealed only the ColorOS 11 beta update rollout schedule. There’s no word on when the company will start pushing out the stable update to its expansive portfolio. You will, however, be able to experience the goodness of Android 11-based  on most of the recently-launched Oppo phones very soon.


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