How to Install The Android 11 Developer on your Pixel

Android 11 Developer

Android has always served its users with the best services to ensure the proper functioning of their devices. Till date, the android users were enjoying the 10th version of the software with many features.  But Android has treated its users with a new launch of its 11th version named Android 11 Developer a couple of days back.

But for now, this version can be used in Google Pixel devices only. Android users belonging from the category of other company needs to hold on for a little time. The Google pixel users can enjoy the exclusive new features of Android 11 Developer by installing it into their device. But before the installation guidance, let’s have a look at the

How to install Android 11 Developer Preview on Pixel 4, 3, 3a and 2

Devices which support Android 11 Developer

  • Pixel 2
  • Pixel 2 XL
  • PIXEL 3
  • PIXEL 3 XL
  • PIXEL 3a
  • PIXEL 4
  • PIXEL 4 XL

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What’s new in Android 11 Preview version

Screen Recorder added to quick settings

The latest version of Android provides some exclusive features to its users. Some of the features of the Android 11 developer are listed below. For Pixel 4 and Pixel Xl devices, the screen recorder facility is now added to quick settings. This means you need to scroll down whenever you want to use a screen recorder.

Bluetooth stays on even the phone is in airplane mode.

In the previous versions of Android, the user cannot use Bluetooth to connect Bluetooth devices while the phone is in airplane mode. But in this version, Bluetooth stays on, even if the phone is in airplane mode. This will now allow the users to enjoy their music via Bluetooth headset throughout their flight journey.

Hotseat icons may change according to the most used applications.

This feature will be updated more in future as it is expected that the system will rearrange the hot seat icons automatically according to the most used applications by the user. Users will also get an option to rearrange their icons as per their need or usage continuously.

Messages have dedicated conversation space in the notification drawer.

Whenever the user gets a message, it will pop up in the notification bar. The new version of Android added an entire dedicated conversation space to messages in the notification drawer from where they can reply or ignore the messages. This means no need for opening the complete message application to reply or completely those messages. The messages will back and forth pop on screen in the form of animated bubbles.

Send images in messages in notification drawer itself

The Android version 11 allows the users to send images in messages in the notification bar itself without opening the message application.

The display refresh rate is shown

The latest version of Android now shows the refresh rate of the display screen on the screen itself. For example, if the user opens camera the display rate will be displayed 60 and 90 while the home is open(hypothetical values)

Increased touch sensitivity

Keeping in mind that many users use screen protectors to protect the screen of their device, android version 11 has added a facility to increase touch sensitivity. Once this setting is enabled, the user will face no touch sensitivity issue while using the touch over a screen protector.

Pin 4 apps at a time to share a webpage

Android 11 developer allows the user to share the webpage by pinning four applications at a time.

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How to install Android 11 developer to your Pixel

To enjoy the extensive new features of android 11 version, you need to install it to your pixel.

Follow the following steps to install android 11 in your pixel.

  • Foremost anything, you need to back up your device so that you don’t lose your data if any hindrance is created. You can backup your data in your personal computer or on google drive.
  • After successfully backing up your device you need to grab the OTA files(if already downloaded) and move them to platform 2 folders.
  • If OTA files are not pre-downloaded, you need to download it from Google’s Full OTA Image hosting site.
  • Before starting the installation process, ensure that your pixel has enabled USB debugging option which copies data between your computer, install applications on your device without notification and read log data.
  • Further, if you have already pre-installed platform-tools then open a new window by typing cmd command.
  • Once the command window is opened, put your pixel into recovery mode by switching it off. Once your pixel is power down, press the volume button to get redirected on the boot page
  • Once the boot page opens in your pixel, use the volume button and scroll to recovery mode.
  • After doing it, you can see a small Android icon lying down with an exclamation of no command.
  • Press the power button to enter the recovery mode fully
  • Again, using volume button scroll up to Apply Update from ADB and select this option using the power button.
  • Now the sideloading begins, this will take you to a black screen with text at the bottom of it.

Once you are done with it,

  • If not connected yet, connect your pixel to your computer.
  • In the command window type ADB sideload along with the correct file name with .zip extension.
  • This command will begin sideloading. Once the sideloading is done, get back to the screen of the phone.
  • You can switch your pixel on and enjoy the new version of Android.

Android 11 developer has made every dream feature of android users come true. According to technical experts, this update will make the operating of the device even better with future updates. Features like battery sharing, unique gestures will get better in the future.

Devices other than pixels will have to wait a bit to enjoy this new version. Android updates never stop, and it will soon surprise its users by a new and better update. Till then, the users can explore android 11 developers.

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