How to Pin Notes in Apple Notes App on iPhone, iPad


INTRO: Apple Notes has come an extended way since its introduction. In iOS 14, the Notes app received further improvements. It now supports handwriting recognition, copy and pasting of handwritten notes, offers some cool iOS 14 widgets, and far more. Like this, Apple has released several features for the Notes app within the past that users don’t know. In this article, we are getting to cover the note pinning feature that permits users to quickly access important notes. So, here is how you’ll pin notes in Apple Notes on iPhone and iPad.

Pin Notes in Apple Notes App on iPhone, iPad

Before we proceed with this guide, don’t forget to see our other guides on Apple notes where we’ve discussed features like locking individual notes in Apple Notes, accessing notes from lock screen, sharing Notes app folders, and more.
With that out of the way, let’s get to our tutorial, shall we? There are multiple ways to pin notes in Apple Notes, and that we will cover all of them below. So, launch the Apple Notes app, and let’s begin.

Pinning a Note in Apple Notes App on iPhone and iPad

1. the simplest thanks to pin a note in Apple Note is by swiping from left-to-right on a note. You can either swipe the entire thanks to pin the note or swipe halfway then tap on the pin icon.

Pin Note by Swiping on iPhone

2. you’ll also pin a note by touching and holding a note (Haptic Touch) to open the context menu and selecting the “Pin Note” option.

Pin Note using haptic touch on iPhone

3. To pin an open note, tap on the three-dot menu on the top-right then tap on the “Pin” button.

Pin Note using share menu on iPhone

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