How To Read Manga? Follow These Simple Tips And Tricks


Manga is a style of Japanese comic. Reading manga is different than reading a comic, book, or magazine in English. Learning to read manga in a right to left and then up to down sequence, correctly interpreting panel elements, and exploring characters’ emotions by familiarizing yourself with some common emotional iconography will help you get the most from your manga. In this article, we are going to tell you how to read Manga.

1. Learn About Different Types Of Manga

There are five major types of manga. Seinen is also referred to as men’s manga. Women’s manga is known as josei. Shojo is a girls’ manga, while shonen is boys’ manga. And children’s manga is called kodomo.

2. Explore The Different Genres Of Manga And How To Read Manga

Manga has many genres, covering numerous topics and themes. Some of the most common manga genres include action, mystery, adventure, romance, comedy, a slice of life, science fiction, fantasy, gender bender, historical, harem, and mecha.

3. Learn About Some Popular Manga Series.

Before you get started on reading your first manga, take some time to explore popular series. Some popular science fiction series include Ghost in the Shell and Akira. Well-known fantasy series include Dragon Ball and Pokemon Adventures. Love Hina is a popular slice of life manga series, and Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 is a series that is a mix of mecha and science fiction.

how to read manga

Method 2: Getting Started To How To Read Manga

1. Select Manga That Suits Your Interests And Personality

After yTou explore the different types and genres of manga and familiarize yourself with some popular series, it’s time to make a decision about what type of manga you’ll be reading. Go with your gut and choose something that really excites you!

2. Begin With The First Manga In The Series

More often than not, the manga is serialized and contains many stories. Make sure you start with the first story and work your way through the series chronologically. If a series is popular enough, its episodes might be published together in a collected volume. The issue and series are usually printed on the cover.

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3. Lay The Book Down With The Spine On The Right Side

Manga should be read with the magazine or book spine on the right. As you lay the manga down on a table, make sure the leaf ends are on the left and the spine is positioned to the right. This is “backward” compared to English books.

4. Start On The Side With The Title, Author’s Name, And Edition

It’s important that you begin reading manga on the correct side. The front cover will usually contain the title of the manga along with the name of the author or authors. Flip the manga over if you come across a warning that says, “You’re reading the wrong way!”

Method 3: Read Panels And How To Read Manga

1. Read Panels From Right To Left And In An Up To Down Sequence

Like the pages of manga, individual panels should be read in a right to the left sequence. Start reading each page by beginning with the panel that is in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Read right to left and when you reach the edge of the page, go to the panel in the far-right of the following row of panels.

how to read manga

  • If the panels are all arranged vertically, begin with the topmost panel.
  • Even if the panels don’t line up perfectly, stick to the right to left rule. Begin with the highest row or column and make your way – the right to left – to the lowest row or column.
  • Read dialog balloons from right to left and up to down. Dialog balloons, which contain conversational text between characters, should also be read in a right to left sequence. Begin in the upper right-hand corner of the individual panel and read the dialog balloons from right to left, and then up to down.

End Words:

These were some of the easiest ways to read Manga. You can try these tricks that will help you to read Manga comics with ease.

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