How to Set Google Chrome as the Default Browser in iOS 14


INTRO: With iOS 14, Apple finally opened its walled garden just a touch bit to permit users to settle on their own default web browsers and email clients. Well, after months of iOS 14 being in beta, Google has finally pushed out an update to Chrome that allows you to set it as a default browser on your iPhone. So, here is the way to set Google Chrome as your iPhone’s default browser.

Note: confirm you’ve got updated Chrome to version 85.0.4183.109 from the App Store

  • On your iPhone, launch the Settings app. Scroll down and tap on ‘Chrome’ from the list of apps that show up in the lower section of Settings.go to chrome settings in ios 14
  • You will see a new ‘Default Browser App‘ option. This will probably read ‘Safari’ right now. Just tap on it. Here, select ‘Chrome’.
  • That’s pretty much it. Google Chrome is now the default browser on your iPhone. From now onwards, whenever you tap on a link to open it during a browser, your iPhone will launch Chrome rather than Safari. Obviously, you can also go back to Safari if you don’t like using Chrome on your smartphone by just following the steps above and selecting ‘Safari’ from the list.
  • We are still waiting for Gmail to get the option to be set as the default email client as well. As of this writing, the latest version of the Gmail iOS app doesn’t have the feature. However, now that it’s arrived on Chrome, hopefully, Google will obtrude the feature to Gmail soon also.

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