Huami’s ‘Project Aeri’ N95 Masks Work With Face Unlock On Phones

Huami’s Project Aeri N95 Masks Work Face Unlock Phones

Face masks are being recommended by health-care professionals. This is done for basic protective measures against direct exposure to coronavirus in public areas. Huami’s Project Aeri N95 Masks Work Face Unlock Phones.

Huami’s Project Aeri N95 Masks Work Face Unlock Phones:

With the increased adoption of face masks, people are complaining about the masks interrupting face unlock mechanism of modern smartphones. Taking these concerns into consideration, smart wearable maker Huami has started working on making N95 masks that don’t block face unlock from blocking.

Dubbed Project uSmile, the product under this initiative is still being developed and is not available to buy right now. More than being able to use face unlock feature, Huami pitches the masks as a way to let people see the facial expressions and emotions while maintaining a safe distance.

Huami’s Project Aeri N95 Masks Work Face Unlock Phones

Project uSmile And N95 Face Masks:

The first N95 mask of Huami is a part of the project uSmile. The facemask is named ‘Aeri’. Huami has envisioned two sets of concept renders named Concept X and Concept Y and shared them with XDA-Developers.

Huami’s Aeri masks are said to be said self-disinfecting with a replaceable N95 filter. The company manages to disinfect the masks by using UV lights. According to the report, UV lights are activated when the mask is connected to the power supply through its USB-C port.

Huami’s Project Aeri N95 Masks Work Face Unlock Phones

Huami Promises To Keep a Modular Ventilation Fan Attachment:

The company even promises a modular ventilation fan attachment to cool down in hot atmospheric conditions, probably similar to the fans on  Air Atmos showcased earlier this year at the physical event of CES 2020. Take a look at the concept renders below.

While as an idea, this sounds cool and feasible, manufacturing these masks now will be a challenge due to restrictions that caused disruptions in the supply chain. If at all the company manages to supply them, it will be interesting to see if Huami scales up the project to meet the increasing demand for face masks.

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