IFA 2020: Qualcomm Announces 5G for Snapdragon 4-Series


INTRO: Alongside the new Adaptive ANC technology, and therefore Snapdragon 8cx Gen 2, Qualcomm made one more announcement at IFA 2020. The corporate has said that it will bring 5G to Snapdragon 4-series of smartphone processors next year.

That’s a reasonably big deal, both for Qualcomm and Android smartphones. The United States chipmaker has been steadily increasing the number of Mobile Platforms it makes that support the new 5G networks that are slowly rolling out around the world. Up so far, Qualcomm had chips within the 7-series and 6-series of chipsets that offered 5G outside of its flagship Snapdragon 8-series processors. Adding 5G to 4-series will bring faster networking technology to an entire range of cheap smartphones, thereby helping within the growth of 5G adoption within the world.

That should also help cheaper Android smartphones maintain traction as 5G becomes more widely available over the subsequent few years. Qualcomm is planning on launching the primary 5G-enabled Snapdragon 4-series processor in 2021 and is expecting phone makers to start out releasing 5G smartphones with the new processors in Q1 itself. consistent with the corporate, Xiaomi, Oppo, and Motorola are among the businesses which will be designing phones with the new chipsets.

We are still waiting for more details to return out regarding the new 5G processors, but which may take a while. It’s likely that Qualcomm will make more detailed announcements sometime around December which is when it always launches new chipsets, including its flagship processors.

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