Tips & Tricks To Increase Battery Life of Android Phones

Tips & Tricks to Increase Battery Life of Android phones

So, your phone is draining fast? Your battery sucks to survive for long? Have to stick with charger all the time? Then, how it could be a smartphone, you’re using though. “Smart” means a phone which really works smart and of course if you use it as an ugly one, then it wouldn’t work as smart, right? If your battery is draining fast then you should consider two things. First, your smartphone is too older and you should have to get new one OR you’re using it wrong and have to change the way you use.

In most of the cases, people are doing the second thing discussed above. Your smartphone is working almost every time, yet its turned on. There are a couple of things which almost, we all do wrong. Like using auto brightness, killing the apps by swiping from the recent and a lot more things. In this post, I’m going to show you, how you can improve & increase battery life of Android phones without spending a dime.

11 Tips & Tricks to Increase Battery Life of Android phones

Today, I will discuss a couple of ways to increase Android phone’s battery life. If you’re expecting a list of best battery saving app, you should checkout that here. This post is only to play & tweak your internal settings to increase battery life of Android phones. So, with that being said, let’s get started.

1. Close the App, You Aren’t Using

Tips & Tricks to Increase Battery Life of Android phones.

What will you do, if I say close this application fully?

You simply tap the recent button and swipe up the app, wouldn’t you?

So, is that app closed until you start using that again?

Think for messaging apps such as WhatsApp. When you swipe up it from the recent tab, are notification for the messages stops or still continues? I think, I’m asking a lot. Now, let me answer all that.

This is sometimes ubiquitous question for all Android users that “Will swiping an application, close it permanently?”, and the brilliant answer is “No”. Until you Force Stop the app from its App info option it continues to what it’s work. That’s why, even after swiping WhatsApp from your recent tab not stops receiving your messages.

If you have decided to stop an application until for next time use, then follow below steps to stop that.

  • Head over to the Settings in your phone and go into Apps section and find the app you want to stop OR just press hold the app, you want to stop from homescreen and go into App info.
  • After going to the room of settings of that app, click Force Stop & that’s it.

It will perform any action until you launch it to use again. Using this way, you can not only close the app perfectly, will also increase battery life of Android phones, you’re using.

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2. Set Sleep Time to Minimum

Tips & Tricks to Increase Battery Life of Android phones

Almost, all of us set the longest duration for our phone’s screen to sleep, agree? So that we can’t get disturbed while reading longer chats, jokes, etc. This is the excellent point you thought while setting the time to maximum but think for the scenario, I’m going to talk now.

You always not read jokes or messages, right? In case, you received a call and in hurry you just leave your phone on the table and missed to press the power button, then your phone have to wait for 30 minutes (or whatever duration you set) to sleep, wouldn’t that harm your battery? Ya, of course!

Also, you can’t always remember to change out the setting after reading messages, jokes or for whatever you set long duration. The best way is to tap on the screen before screen dim the light to sleep. Yes, that’s bit annoying but overall increasing battery life of your Android phone.

To change this setting, go into the Settings option then Display and sleep time and then 15 seconds.

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3. Limit Background Process

Tips & Tricks to Increase Battery Life of Android phones

If you know how Android works then you’re pretty sure that, the instance you turn on your device, Apps such as messaging applications automatically starts working in background. This is the only reason you don’t miss you Facebook or WhatsApp messages.

But, if you are in a plan to save your battery life then of course you need to force stop these applications. And there are not only Facebook or WhatsApp installed in your phone so we can’t just force stop all the applications in our phone one by one. The way which works in this case is limiting the processes in background and turning On the applications one by one which we want to run.

  • To do what I said above, you need to firstly going into the settings then after to the About phone section and then go on to the build number option and tap that multiple times.
  • Once done, the developer options are unlocked in your device & after all that, go into the developer option and turn that On.
  • Now, scroll little bit down and find Apps section.
  • After that, you will find background processes limit option, tap on that and then select how many processes you want to run in the background at a time.
  • There is also an option which allows you to choose “don’t keep activities in background“, choose it, in case you’re focused to save your battery life.
  • If don’t, then you have to select how many processes you want to run at a time, maximum processes run at a in background using this method is 4 and minimum is 1 or none.
  • Choose, what you want and that’s all.

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4. Don’t OverCharge itTips & Tricks to Increase Battery Life of Android phones

If you are habituated to put the phone into charging all the time, you’re moving towards the deadline of your battery. It not only harm your phone, will also waste energy.

I recently, had a habit to put the phone at charging while sleeping at night, so that when I awake into the morning my phone will be fully charged. It’s not so intelligent idea, I thought to implement. My phone gets overwhelmed, when I did this.

Fortunately, I found a solution for this which is going to work very fine & it’s an application. Follow below steps to get rid out of this problem.

  • Download “Full Battery & Theft Alarm” app from Google Play Store.
  • Now, when you put the phone on charging it will set alarm and notify you when your phone’s battery is 100%.
  • Also, if someone tries to remove your phone from charging cable, it will start ringing at full volume to notify you.
  • Be sure to checkout this free application (In-app purchase option available in less than $2).

And trust, this is the one of main reason why battery is exhausting fast. Use this way to increase battery life of Android phones.

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5. Use One Feature at a Time

Tips & Tricks to Increase Battery Life of Android phones

We don’t care if WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, etc. are turned on in our device. Okay, not all at the time but mostly two or three even if we don’t need them.

If you didn’t know, you can use WiFi even in Airplane mode, and it will save your battery life too, cool. Isn’t it?

Turning GPS always on has some pros & cons too. Likewise, it will give access to all apps whether you’re, because they already have the permission at the time you install it from Google play store. Also, if you lost your device with GPS turned on, then chance are that you can get it back using Android Device Manager.

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6. Use Battery Saver Mode

Tips & Tricks to Increase Battery Life of Android phones

Now, all the smartphone comes with an inbuilt Battery Saver, and trust my results after using them are so fair. In case, you own a smartphone of Samsung, they have a lot of options for their smartphones such as Power Saving Mode, etc. which does the job well. I also have a Samsung smartphone and using this mode will increase battery life up to 1 hours. with heavy use.

In case, you don’t own a Samsung smartphone, still your phone has a battery saver inbuilt in it. To find and activate that, follow below steps.

  • Go to Settings and then Battery.
  • Tap on three dot icons on top right corner and click on Battery Saver.
  • Toggle the icon and on the battery saver.
  • That’s it.

7. No Auto, Always Set the Brightness Manually

Tips & Tricks to Increase Battery Life of Android phones

Automatic settings are always bad, may be not sometimes. If you choose brightness to Auto, it will use the light sensor of your smartphone to work.

Anyhow, it’s ultimately bad as it not works perfect all the times. In night, it goes brighter with the room’s light even we are able to see at dim. Better to select manual at different instances according to what the need is. It will result in batter battery life and help you to increase battery life of your Android phone.

8. Don’t Use Apps With Ads

Tips & Tricks to Increase Battery Life of Android phones

Google play store has ton of applications, which are countless. All of them are either paid, In-app purchase or free. Basically, if you know the fact that nothing in this world is really free, you guess that almost all free apps contains ads.

Some of them are bearable but some of them do make us panic because of the full screen overlay ads and pop-up ads as well. This not only looks irksome and irritate us but also drain the battery life.

So, if available then always use the paid version of the application to get rid out of those annoying ads.

9. Use Original Charger

Tips & Tricks to Increase Battery Life of Android phones

Don’t mixup everything. It will result always bad, well sometimes may be not. For instance, if you use another charger to charge your phone then it will surely affect it.

I did the same and I then have to change my smartphone. I usually charge my Micromax smartphone with Samsung heavy charger with lead to death of battery of that smartphone. At the time of charging, that heats a lot but I ignored that. So, if you’re doing the same, kindly stop it.

If you use a low-end charger for a high-end smartphone, still it affect but not that much like in high-end charger for a low-end smartphone.

10. No LIVE Wallpapers, Go With Darker One

Tips & Tricks to Increase Battery Life of Android phones

Live wallpapers look awesome, me too. But when it comes to saving my smartphone’s battery life then it doesn’t sounds so awesome. Well, if you’re using a phone with AMOLED display then go with black wallpaper or darker one.

Technically, AMOLED screen only illuminated colour pixels so, it’s preferred to have a dark or black wallpaper instead of funky. Also, it looks pretty good, trust me, I’m using black wallpaper too.

11. No Need to be Always in Network

Tips & Tricks to Increase Battery Life of Android phones

Most of the people doesn’t close mobile data to keep receiving messages from various social media networks or something like that. But your smartphone needs to rest too. Don’t overwhelm it so that its life gets reduced.

If possible, turn off the smartphone in night and also disconnect yourself wherever you think it isn’t needed. Doing this will help you in increasing battery life of your Android phone a lot. Also, try to be in Airplane mode most of the time, if it wouldn’t harm your work.

Start Using these Tips & Tricks to Increase Battery Life of Android phones

Now, it’s time to implement these tricks & tips in your smartphone and start saving battery life of your phones. I will keep updating this list, I mean more tricks & tips to increase battery life of Android phones are coming soon.


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