Chennai Setting Tone For India’s Broadband Landscape


The city of Chennai is leading the broadband landscape in India. The data consumption of this city is nearly equal to that of any developed country. India Setting Tone India’s Broadband Landscape.

India Setting Tone India’s Broadband Landscape – What Hathway Had To Say:

Hathway is a pan India broadband provider. Hathway in its financial report stated that the average data consumption per consumer in Chennai 190GB per month. The average use of a customer in developed countries is 200GB per month. While the average data consumption of the rest of India is 155GB per month.

India Setting Tone India's Broadband Landscape

What TRAI Has To Say:

According to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), Tamilnadu including Chennai is the top five consumers of broadband services.

Maharashtra comes first with 52.47 million broadband consumers leads the chart, Tamil Nadu including Chennai with 44.38 million consumers is currently the fourth most serviced area in the country in terms of broadband subscribers.

National Players Providing More Latest Offers:

The city has at least 10 broadband service providers. That includes national players like Hathway, BSNL, Airtel, Jio, You Broadband, Tata Sky and Act Broadband. Among the state players, there are service providers like Cherrinet, Ficus Telecom, and TIC Fiber.

India Setting Tone India's Broadband Landscape

Availability Of RailWire:

RailWire and Spectra are available in some selected parts of the city.

Top-Tier Plans:

The top tier plan of Hathway for the Chennai city is a 300 Mbps plan that offers users 2TB of data per month. In several major cities across India, the top-tiered plan from Hathway is limited to 150 Mbps speed. Similarly, state-level player Cherrinet offers its G-Force plans only to users in Chennai that promise 1Gbps speeds.

Data Consumption In Chennai:

With several companies asking its employees to work from home from the second week of March and with India enforcing a national lockdown from March 24, telecom operators have already reported a spike in data usage.

It remains to be seen whether Chennai would eclipse the average data consumption per user landmark of the developed countries in the current quarter and become the new benchmark for India.

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