Indian Employee Saving Rs 5,500 per Month on Average with Remote Work: Survey

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    INTRO: The Workspace provider Awfis conducted a survey in June and July this year, involving 1,000 employees across 7 metro cities in India. The survey found that a mean Indian employee is saving Rs.5,520 per month and 1.47 hours in commute while performing from home. The saved time reportedly translates to 44 additional working days during a year.

    “The time saved translates to time worth 44 additional working days during a year. People have realized that ability to figure from the house is possible without compromising productivity. it had been expected that in five years more people will either work from home or near home. COVID19 has fast-tracked this,” said Awfis CEO Amit Ramani.

    According to the survey’s findings, almost 74 percent of the Indian Employee participants prefer working remotely, which is strictly what a separate Lenovo research in July found also. Almost 20 percent of employees are saving somewhere around Rs.5,000 – Rs.10,000 per month thanks to remote work. Meanwhile, 19 percent are reportedly saving over Rs.10,000.

    Managing time is one of the most hurdles when it involves remote work. However, 75 percent of participants conveyed they’re ready to make a healthy balance in time. With all of that said, working remotely comes with its own set of downsides. Almost 27 percent of the participants said they miss networking with colleagues. Also, there are a couple of companies that are lacking proper infrastructure for facilitating remote work.

    “Now that the lines between home and work are blurring, companies got to create policies that describe clear demarcations between the 2 to form remote work sustainably within the end of the day,” notes the survey.

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