Instagram Creating ‘Equity Team’, Hiring ‘Director for Diversity and Inclusion’


INTRO: Instagram has announced variety of latest initiatives as a part of its continuing efforts to raised address unintentional biases in its development . The changes will also help the company create a more equitable workplace environment for all employees, the company said in a blog post on Wednesday. “We have a responsibility to seem at what we build and the way we build, in order that people’s experiences with our product better mirrors the actions and aspirations of our community”, said Instagram head, Adam Mosseri.

One of the main steps in the corporate has taken towards that goal is create a replacement ‘Instagram Equity Team‘ that Mosseri says will specialise in “better understanding and addressing bias in our product development and people’s experiences on Instagram”. The Equity team will specialise in creating products which will be ‘fair and equitable’. This includes all of the working with Facebook’s Responsible AI team to comb out inherent biases from the company’s AI algorithms. The Equity Team also will create new features that answer the requirements of underserved communities.

Instagram is additionally hiring a replacement Director for Diversity and Inclusion. According to Mosseri, the new recruit will “ also help to advance Instagram’s goal of finding, keeping, and growing more diverse talent”. The company is also updating a number of policies globally to better detect and delete implicit hate speech, such as content depicting blackface, or stereotypes about Jewish people. The company is also seemingly stepping up its enforcement against folks who make rape threats, and will now immediately suspend any account that makes these threats.

Mosseri also detailed a number of other steps the company is taking to make Instagram a more equitable and make it a less toxic platform, but it will be interesting to see how that will play out in reality.

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