Instagram Introduces ‘Guides’ to Help People Discover Wellness Content Easily

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INTRO: Instagram has recently announced a new feature today called ‘Guides’. This new feature is aimed at helping users discover recommendations, tips, and content from their favorite creators more easily and is rolling out now.

Instagram Rolled Out “GUIDEs” feature to Help People Discover Content 

According to the reports, Instagram has recently launched a new feature “guide”.Keeping all of this in mind like the Coronavirus pandemic, Instagram started rolling out Guides for wellness content. This new feature will help people discover recommendations, tips, and content from creators. The company has also partnered with public figures and organizations to publish wellness content on it.

Instagram Introduces 'Guides' to Help People Discover Wellness ...

According to the company’s latest blog post, Guides are currently only accessible by heading over to participating users’ profiles. Here are some of  the creators and organizations where Instagram has partnered with them so far:

  • @afspnational
  • @heads_together
  • @vitaalere
  • @klicksafe
  • @headspace_aus
  • @deepikapadukone
  • @sudahdong
  • @eenfance

While along with the viewing guides, you will also be able to see posts and videos that the Instagram creator has paired with the guides, along with tips and advice. More than that, you can learn more about it by tapping on the image or video. Also being added is the ability to share all the guides to stories. You can do this by just tapping on the three-dot icon on the upper right corner of the profiles.

As of this, for now,  we are unable to see Guides in any of the accounts that Instagram has partnered with for now. However, based on the screenshots we have as far we know, Guides will show up in the same place where IGTV currently shows up on profiles of the user.

The company has also said that Guides will be soon accessible from the Explore feed as well. Instagram is continuously updating and rolling new features for the users in different ways also amidst the situation coronavirus to help people make most of their Instagram experience.


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