Instagram Lite Shuts Down; New Version on the Way


INTRO: Instagram launched a lightweight version of its application aptly named ‘Instagram Lite‘ in Mexico a couple of years back and expanded it to developing countries such as Kenya, Peru, and the Philippines later on. As reported first by Android Police, the app is no longer available to use.

Instagram Lite Got Unpublished From PlayStore

According to the reports, the social media giant resembling version Instagram Lite got unpublished from the Play Store on the 12th of April. Its users are apparently getting a message which asked them to switch to original version that reads that “Instagram Lite is no longer supported to any smartphones. So the users can start using the latest version of Orignal Instagram instead”.

Temporary Step for Some Updates in the Lite version

It has also had officially confirmed that it is rolling back its Lite version. Instagram said in its statement that “We are just rolling back the test of the Instagram Lite application for a while. Till the time you can start using the latest version of the application instead to connect with the people and things you love,” a Facebook spokesperson said in statements.Rather than shutting down the initiative, Instagram is reportedly working on a new version of Instagram Lite. The company is planning to do so by taking what it has learned from this extensive lite version’s test.

That said, it remains unclear regarding the new launch timeline and availability at this moment. We could expect the company to make the app available in more regions including India this time around.

In the meantime, if you have been using Instagram Lite and you’re not willing to switch to the resource-hungry full version of the app, then you’re probably better being with the web version of the social media platform until the company launches the refreshed one back to the play store.


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