Instagram Now Lets You Delete and Block Users in Bulk

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INTRO: Instagram has started bringing out a list of new features as part of its efforts to fight online bullying and making the platform a better place to spread positivity not hatred. These features have included the ability to bulk or delete the comments, and then control tags & mentions.

Instagram Bulk Delete Comments Feature

The latest and foremost feature on the  Instagram list is the ability to delete, block, or restrict comments in bulk amount. It is worth to be noticed that you can choose up to 25 comments at once with this new feature. Instagram said “We know how it it feels as it will be  overwhelming to manage a rush of negative comments, so now we have been testing the ability to delete comments in bulk, as well as to block or restrict the multiple accounts that post negative comments on the profiles.”

instagram bulk delete comments

So as to delete the Instagram comments in bulk form on iOS, all you have to do is tap or select on a comment, press the dotted icon that is present in the top right corner of the screen, and then tap ‘Manage Comments’. If you are an Android user their side of things have to be done like this, press and hold a comment, then tap on the dotted icon, and choose Delete, Block, or Restrict anything you want to do with it.

Tag or Mention Controls

instagram mention controls

Instagram another feature now lets you decide who can mention or tag you in posts on it. You will see preference options like ‘Everyone’, or ‘Only People You Follow’, and last ‘No One’. In this way, you can also safeguard yourself and stay away from bullies, negative mentioned comments and toxic online trolls.

Pin Comments

instagram pin comments

Apart from all of these two features, there will be an option that you can  pin your favorite comments is also on its way on Instagram. Company also mentioned on its blog that once the feature is enabled or rolled out, then you will be able to pin up to 3 comments in a post on your profiles.

Along with all of these announcements, the company has also shared its fifth edition of Community Standards Enforcement Report which is tracking their progress to keep Facebook and Instagram safe.

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