Instagram Now Lets You Save Live Videos to IGTV


INTRO: Instagram Live has always been popular, and as we are now stuck in an unprecedented, and long, Coronavirus lockdown, the platform is quickly becoming the place where people hang out and conduct activities. So Instagram has been presenting new updates to us very frequently, so again here it is, now you can save videos to IGTV in your account.

Instagram Live To Connect With Different Platforms

Creators have been using Instagram Live to perform for their fans, and there are so many websites that connect through IG Live to different platforms where they interact with their fans, friends and share their talent and many loads of things.

Instagram now lets you save live videos: Here's how to do it -

However, one of the biggest issues with IG Live is the fact that once the live stream is over by the creator or influencer or by any account, you can only share it with your IG Story. That’s all well and good, but it means that your Live session can only lives for another 24 hours in the story, and is then it will be gone forever. So, Fortunately, Instagram is now fixing that from its IGTV application and features.

You Can Save Live Videos To IGTV

Instagram Now Lets You Save Live Videos to IGTV | Beebom

The company has announced in a tweet that it is bringing the ability to save Live videos to IGTV. This is good for a quite good collection of reasons. Predominantly, because creators can now make proper archives of their streams, and their audiences can rewatch the streams again if they want to; without having the 24-hour time deadline or the limit that stories do.

This feature should also help IGTV get more and more users. The platform hasn’t quite taken off the way Instagram probably imagined it would, but adding archived live streams into IGTV might just get more people opening that particular section of the Instagram app.

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