Instagram Profile Pic Size: Know The Ideal IG Photo Size


Instagram is incredibly valuable for businesses and marketers, especially since users are so excited to engage with brands on-platform. Instagram users are regularly discovering new brands and new products on-platform, and they’re making purchases, too. If you want to see those results, of course, then you need to be doing everything in your power to engage in Instagram best practices, share some great pictures, and include some Stories into the mix. Where many starts to let things slide, however, is the details. And with the devil being in the details, as they say, this can cost you. In this article, we are going to tell you the idea of Instagram profile pic size.

One of those details is their profile picture. This is one thing that most people don’t give a lot of thought to, even though they should. In this post, we’re going to discuss why it’s so important, and we’ll also look at the ideal Instagram profile picture size and the best practices you need to be using.

The Best Instagram Profile Picture Size

Wondering what the ideal Instagram profile picture size is? Your Instagram profile picture size should be 110 x 110 pixels with an aspect ratio of 1:1. A perfect, tiny square. For your profile picture to have a high-quality resolution and not be distorted or resized in a strange way, it’s important to get these measurements exactly right. You can use Snappa to do this quickly and easily or to make a new profile picture for Instagram altogether.

  1. Use “Create Custom Graphic Size” in Snappa’s creation tool, and enter in the 110 x 110.
  2. You’ll immediately see a canvas in those perfect Instagram profile picture dimensions. You can upload your business’s logo (which I did here), or even create a new logo with some of the design elements we have in our library.
  3. You can use any extra design elements like shapes, text overlay, or effects to make the image more dynamic. Add borders, a single letter, or add color to help your profile picture stand out.
  4. Once you’re ready, all you have to do is download the image and upload it to your profile picture.

What Should My Instagram Profile Picture Be?

Your Instagram profile picture should be easily recognizable even once it’s a super small circle on a mobile app. In many cases, this will be a branded logo. If you’re a business of just a single person (think an author, freelancer, or consultant), then you can use a quality headshot of yourself.

instagram profile pic size

Ideally, your Instagram profile picture should be consistent with the profile pictures that you’re using on other social media platforms. It should stay the same instead of being changed regularly so that people can easily find you and know that you are who you say you are. It should represent who your brand is and what you offer.

Instagram Profile Picture Best Practices Instagram Profile Pic Size

Simple designs will work best. We say this a lot on Snappa, but use lots of white space and don’t create an image that feels too cluttered. This is so important especially for Instagram profile pictures, where the image is so small even on desktop. If you try to do too much, even a chunk of text will be unrecognizable on those small screens.

Use color contrast to help the design stand out. All of the examples we’ve featured in this post so far have done this. Have a simple background (no stock photo backgrounds on this one), and make sure that the text or logo is starkly contrasted against it. This will increase visibility and make it easier for people to make out the design.

Keep cropping in mind. Instagram wants you to upload a 110 x 110 image, but that’s going to be cut down to a tiny circle. What looks great as a perfectly square image but not be a great fit in a more circular form. Be conscious of the when creating the picture, and remember that the corners are all going to be rounded out. Plan for that when you’re designing your profile picture.

instagram profile pic size

End Words:

Your Instagram profile picture is such a small thing, but it holds so much importance. It needs to represent your business well, be easily recognizable, and stand out enough to immediately capture user attention. When I’m searching for a business on Instagram, I will actually look at the profile pictures as one of the most important signals as to whether or not I’ve found the profile I’m looking for. If I see a low-quality picture that’s hard to make out, I’m going to skip over it.

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