Instagram’s TikTok Clone ‘Reels’ Gets Dedicated Section in Explore and Profile


INTRO: Following Instagram’s launch of its TikTok clone ‘Reels‘ in Brazil last year, the corporate has now expanded it to France and Germany. The feature lets Instagram users upload short 15-second time-synced clips almost like TikTok.

Alongside the expansion, Instagram has strategically incorporated Reels to its app. While the corporate previously limited Reels to Instagram Stories, the social media giant has now added a fanatical section for Reels in profile. With this addition, there’ll be a complete of 4 sections in Instagram profiles – the standard Grid view of images, Reels, IGTV, and Tagged photos.

instagram reels in profile

Instagram has also added Reels within the Explore section for public accounts. This move will help the feature gain traction because the videos created through Reels will get a fanatical audience within the app. It will be interesting to ascertain if gram manages to draw in potential TikTok users.

reels in explore

It could even create a distinct segment set of Instagram creators and audiences who would be actively using Reels. Considering TikTok’s proven success with short-form videos, Instagram might just get successful within the format also.
You might remember Facebook’s previous plan to combat TikTok with an app named Lasso. However, that quickly went under the radar and didn’t get popular as Facebook would’ve expected. With Reels, the corporate is leveraging its existing Instagram userbase.

It has not revealed when it’ll launch Reels in India or within the U.S. However, given that the company is now gradually expanding the feature, we could expect that to happen in the coming months.
So, now that Reels has come out of its ephemeral nature, would you be interested to use the feature when it becomes available? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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