How to Install Pirated/Cracked Softwares on Windows 10 Easily

How to install cracked softwares on Windows 10

How to Install Cracked Softwares on Windows 10? If you’re a geek then you already have the information in your mind that Windows 10 doesn’t allow you to install pirated or you can say Install cracked softwares in it. I tried that a lot of times too like you all, but I failed to install that.

I then have dilemma in my mind that Windows 8.1 is pretty, why not to install that but then I thought, is there any way possible which will help me to install pirated softwares on Windows 10.

Fortunately, I got the way & now I’m going to share that with you all.

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Sometimes, we don’t have that much money to buy expensive softwares or games for our PC but we all want to play that. In this case, we go with pirated softwares and there are a ton of websites providing you that costly softwares for free.

If you didn’t knew it before, using that pirated softwares or games aren’t legal. The sites which provides that are also not legal. But still, we common people also can’t afford money for expensive softwares.

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Let me show you the way which will help you in installing pirated softwares on Windows 10.

How to install cracked softwares on Windows 10

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How to Install Cracked Softwares on Windows 10 [Step by Step]

You might have faced out different type errors on your PC while installing pirated or cracked softwares. A time it says”The device administrator doesn’t allows you to install that” or sometimes .ftp folder not found.

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Basically, when you install that software .ftp folder is with that but while installing Windows 10 automatically removes that if it contains any cracks or something like that. That’s why you get this error.

What could you need to do, to get rid out of these errors is shown below?

1) First of all, expand the notification box from the right and go to the All Settings.

2) Then move to the last option, Update & security.How to install cracked software in Windows 10

3) Now go in Windows Defender option.

How to install cracked softwares on Windows 10

4) Scroll little down & you will Exclusions option that says”Windows Defender won’t scan excluded files, making your PC more vulnerable to malware“.

5) Click on “Add an exclusion“.

How to install cracked softwares on Windows 10

6) In folders option, click on the plus icon to exclude a folder.

7) A tab will pop up with Windows C drive.

How to install cracked softwares on Windows 10

8) Double tab on program files & then select the file of the software which you want to run.

How to install cracked softwares on Windows 10

9) Tab on Exclude this folder button.

10) That’s it! Now you can able to enjoy that software or game on your PC even that is pirated or cracked.

Note: If you want to remove that exclusion simply tap on that click on remove.

How to install cracked softwares on Windows 10

This is one of the ways you can use to install cracked software on Windows 10. Other way includes such as blocking windows firewall after disabling your Antivirus scan.

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Use this way to Install Cracked Softwares on Windows 10 

I hope this trick will work pretty well on your PC and help you to enjoy the pirated software. If you’re facing any issues, feel free to ask via the comment section below.

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  1. I was looking an answer like this and let me try. I am a below average person , live with the help of google and person like you. My issue is same and let me do it in the evening.

  2. this trick is not working
    i tried but its not …………
    i installed folder lock 7 and its crack
    when i open it windows show error msg , when i close msg , app also closed

    please help me

  3. With the newest/most recent feature update version 1709, they have excluded the Exclusions so this tutorial will need an update. Can you think of anything that may be of use?

    Thank you

  4. I bought a new laptop wich has windows 10 home ,and there is no option for add an exclusion or anything like that…
    It showed activate windows diffender thats all

  5. Dear SmartTechGuys , Thanks For This Topic But I Would Like To Tell People Now in July 2018 These option Doesnt Works | I Found A another one click solution | Download and install Yamicsoft WINDOWS 10 MANAGER | Then Open it and go to security and then click system security and new tab will open and click Components Then Click Disable Windows Defender | ITS DONE | Now You Can Install Any Cracked/Patch Software And Not A Sinle Keygen/crack/patch Will Be removed Automaticly | IN THIS SOFTWARE THERE ARE 100+ ONE CLICK SOLUTIONS | Checkout | Again Thanks SmartTechGuys For Amazing Work |

  6. What if I got the crack to download and I can extract it and then I can run the ‘setup.exe’ program but then nothing happens? No crack magically appears. No pop ups saying I got a virus. No nothing??? And it’s like this on EVERY SINGLE crack I try?

  7. I’m not able to use crack exe file even after the methods told as above. Nothing seems to be making my crack exe function. Please help. Thanks in advance.

  8. I just download crack file of Ai but it’s not installing, something appearing like ‘dil’ something missing. Any way to install please ?

  9. This would be a trick… It has to be planned in advance – disable defender popping up as a scanner, disable security entirelly, disable firewall, disconnect from internet and then connect usb with old programs installations… I hope this works…

  10. I didn’t see the ‘Add exclusion’ in my windows defender,pls wat can I do,pls will b expecting ur reply as soon as possible…

  11. Dear, recently i was used cracked esurvey 13.50 version on Windows 10. It has been working successfully in few days after that it shown 3131 syntax error in from clause.
    While I was closed the error window automatically Total application closed.
    After that I was uninstalled and later reinstalled the same application, again it shown same error. I tried couple of times not working.
    Kindly give valuable suggestion.
    Thanking you sir.

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