Intel Reveals Details on the 11th-gen Rocket Lake Desktop Processors


INTRO: Recently, Intel uncovered its eleventh gen line-up of PC processors complete with a substitution Intel logo and different changes. Today, the corporate is sharing a few insights concerning its impending processors — the eleventh gen Rocket Lake line of CPUs for PCs that are set to show up in 2021.

As per data shared by Intel, the new processors will zero in intensely on more execution for gamers and devotees — a methodology that bodes well considering AMD’s amazing additions in the processor market with its Ryzen processors.

The eleventh gen Rocket Lake work area CPUs from Intel will utilize a new Cypress Cove engineering for improved proficiency (both equipment and programming) and execution. All things considered, Intel stays stuck on the 14nm cycle here, yet is backporting a few highlights from the 10nm Sunny Cove plan. Then again, AMD has been dispatching 7nm processors for nearly 12 months now, so company is falling behind by a ton. In any case, Intel is focusing on a number of improvements in guidelines per check-in of the eleventh gen Rocket Lake processors.

Like the eleventh gen, Tiger Lake portable processors reported a month ago, the new Rocket Lake processors likewise will include Intel’s new Xe illustrations engineering which Intel cases will end in better Intel UHD designs on the eleventh gen CPUs. Also, the new processors will uphold PCIe 4.0, VP9 codec, DP 1.4a, HDMI 2.0b, and different upgrades..

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