Interesting Reasons Why Instagram Marketing is Important for Your Brand

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is not just a social media platform but it has proved itself as one of the best marketing tools in the current era. Instagram has evolved as a marketplace and provided new business opportunities to its users. All the leading brands and big businesses are also using it for the promotion and marketing of their products and to stay connected with their fans and customers. It’s actually a great opportunity for small entrepreneurs and emerging brands and gives them a lot of exposure and helps them in getting their brand name recognized.

When using Instagram, understand that getting new likes matters a lot. For this, you can choose to buy Instagram likes whenever you can, but you will still have to devise a better marketing strategy to ensure that your Instagram page attracts new followers. It is all about finding and utilizing new techniques to make Instagram work for you and your business.

In the current era, you can’t lead the social media marketing without including Instagram in your marketing platform. Here are some key features of Instagram marketing:

  • Storytelling Feature of Instagram

Stories are a part of human nature and people of all age groups and from all the walks of life are interested in listening and reading stories. The topic choices vary from one age group to another and different topics are appealing to different people. Younger lot is more engrossed in fairytales and short thematic fiction stories while the youth and adults are more into motivational real-life stories. Instagram attracts the users by focusing on this important yet less focused part of human nature.

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Storytelling is an art and it creates an emotional and personalized bond between the brand and its customers. Telling the tale of your life struggles and the brand`s success stories will take your brand marketing to a whole new level. You can share your day to day struggles and challenges associated with your brand or share the efforts of your team beyond the cameras. This will help you get recognized as a person and your customers will develop an emotional connection with your brands. This storytelling thing is just beyond the traditional marketing and is proving much more effective and fruitful than just promoting products and its features. Therefore, you must keep your Instagram feed lighter and engaging instead of pushing your products.

  • Marketing Through Visual Content

Photos grab the attention of the viewers more quickly than the written content. Instagram is all about sharing high-quality photos and images. You can attract the people towards your product selling a website or blogging link through your well-illustrated photographs on Instagram. A photo that has a story in it appeals to the people and compels them to check the details.

  • Opportunity to Get Featured

Instagram has a huge number of users that is approx. 700 million users and the size keep on growing. This gives brands an opportunity to feature themselves in front of a larger audience. Instagram provides various ways of promoting your brand name and products. You can use relevant and Instagram approved hashtags to be discovered among your fellow brands on Instagram or you can opt for paid Instagram ads to reach the more specified audience.

Instagram Marketing

  • Engagement with Community

Instagram is a social media platform with the highest engagement rate. You can take benefit of this higher engagement opportunity and use this to communicate with your community. You can not only connect with your own customers and fans but also engage with other business owner and influencers from your industry.

Engagement creates a direct connection between your customers and your brand and allows you to get yourself featured in the best possible way. It also helps you in getting direct feedback from your customers.

Engaging with fellow business owners help you in knowing the latest trends in the industry and gives you an opportunity to learn from the strategies of the well-established brands.

As you may have realized, you should never underestimate the importance of including Instagram in your marketing strategy. Just ensure that you know how to find the right content to make your Instagram strategy work.

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