Internet Speed in India Worse Than Pakistan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka: Ookla

Internet Speed

INTRO: Ever since the coronavirus pandemic happened, there has been a rise in internet users across the world, which successively affected the general internet speed. According to Ookla Speedtest’s Global Index for the month of September, India globally stands within the 131st position in mobile data and 70th position in fixed broadband.

Notably, the general rank dropped by two places in mobile data. The country has a mean mobile download speed of 12.07Mbps, which is a smaller amount than neighboring countries like Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. However, this is often an improvement in comparison to 10.15Mbps from March.

The fixed broadband segment may be a whole different story. While India had 35.98Mbps in fixed broadband downloads this March, the figure has improved since then and now stands at 46.47Mbps. With this improved Internet speed, India has managed to climb two ranks within the index.

The global average download internet speed for mobile and glued broadband were 35.96Mbps and 85.73Mbps in September respectively. Again, this is often an overall improvement with reference to 30.47 Mbps and 74.64 Mbps in March. You might even be interested to understand the worldwide leaders in terms of download speeds. South Korea leads the mobile segment with 121Mbps, while Singapore retained its position with 226.6Mbps within the fixed broadband category.

So, from these new stats, it’s clear that the web speed in India has slightly improved once we compare to what we had in March. Are you noticing the speed improvements in real-world usage conditions? Do not forget to tell us in the comments.

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