iOS 14 Beta 7 Comes with New Wallpapers, Improved App Library


INTRO: Apple has released the 7th public beta for iOS 14. The new update seems to mostly be about fixing bugs and polishing the edges, but there are a couple of new things as well.

First, Apple has improved the App Library. Where earlier you may have seen some app categories being decidedly weird in their naming, the company is fixing that today. There are new categories now, such as “Travel”, “Shopping & Food”, and “Productivity & Finance”. Compared to earlier category names, such as “Lifestyle”, these are definitely better. I would still rather have a separate “Finance” category by the way. It just makes more sense to have all your banking apps in a category separate from things like Gmail.

Apple released iOS 14 beta 7 with new wallpapers

On the other hand, Apple has finally added more wallpapers with iOS 14 beta 7. Within the wallpaper menu, you will now find 6 new still wallpapers. These wallpapers, which show Apple’s six-color themes from its iconic logo on solid colors taken from that six color theme itself.

The iOS 14 wallpapers also change in appearance between dark and light themes on your iPhone. So, if you’re like me and you use automatically switching dark and light modes on your iPhone, the wallpaper will adjust on its own.

Apart from that, it doesn’t seem that a lot more is new. The software does feel more stable now. Most of the bugs I noticed are gone, including that annoying bug where the keyboard used to vanish while typing a message through the share sheet. Anyway, how has your experience been with iOS 14? Let us know in the comments.


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