iOS 14 May Have a new AR App Called ‘Gobi’

iOS 14

INTRO: Apple is soon going to announce its iOS 14 at developer conference which is scheduled to take place on June 22, 2020. While everybody has been waiting for it from such a long time patiently for the next iteration of iOS to arrive, the leaks and the reports have started coming in already.

iOS 14 New AR Application will be Called ‘Gobi’

According to a new report, iOS 14 might have a new AR app which will be called ‘Gobi’.The report straight comes from former TechCrunch reporter Josh Constine who had obtained iOS 14 files and noticed the app. According to josh, Gobi application will be able to scan all types of traditional QR codes and a new type of circular QR codes. He also shared some of the images of the QR codes found inside the iOS 14 code. You can see those in the below-mentioned picture.

iOS 14 may have a new AR app that can read Apple-branded QR codes ...

New Sounds in FindMy App 

The former reporter of TechCrunch is also reporting that code that is found inside Gobi files also hints a little bit that the app could use location data to offer discounts at some Starbucks locations for the users. Apart from all of this, Constine shared information on some new sounds he had found inside the Find My app. These include sounds named ‘ahead on’, ‘ahead off’, ‘nearby’ and others.

It seems like these sounds will play as you get closer to or farther away from the devices you are looking for. This could also be something that works with the much-rumored to come those Apple AirTags, but that is purely speculation at this point, and uncertainty is there.

iOS 14’s first developer preview should be out on June 22 at WWDC. Meanwhile, if you are interested, here’s what we expect to see in iOS 14 when it comes out next month.



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