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iPhone app review

Your search for best iPhone app review websites ends here because below we have featured the list of top 10 best iPhone app review websites of all time. These iPhone app review websites gives an exact idea to the developer about their site and games. Developer submit their apps and games then the users try to give their experience, opinions, reviews, suggestions.

Thus, developer gets the idea that what next update his app should bring? Even most of the app review websites have their own dedicated writers and tech experts who write in-depth reviews of apps and games. The content gets unbiased and every pros and cons gets transparent. Therefore, if you are going to read the below article completely then you are the right decision-making personality.

List of Top 10 Best iPhone App Review Websites of All Time

1. 148 Apps

Here, the list begins with 148 Apps. It is one of the best online platform that covers almost all iPhone apps and games. Thus, providing a real review of iPhone apps and games. There are ratings also provided that looks more attractive and make a trustable place for the app in human’s physiologically. The reviews featured on their websites are very detailed reviews. Moreover, screenshots are also given to let the users note down how the app’s user-interface looks.

2. iPhoneAppPodcast

Second in this list, we have iPhoneAppPodcast as another best online iPhone apps and games review website. If you don’t like to read the whole articles and still want to gain knowledge of the whole app’s working, features, compatibility, pros and cons then you can look for iPhoneAppPodcast. This online platform features audio and video guides and reviews of iPhone apps, paid apps and games. The app reviews videos are in details and the best part is that this website gets updated on regular basis.

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3. Daily App Show

Daily App Show is another popular and most visited online app review platform over the internet. The user-interface of Daily App Show is clean and simple that you expect from an app review website. The have tech experts and dedicated writers that give their valuable time in writing priceless iPhone app and games reviews. This website also gets updated on regular basis.

4. iUsethis

Next, we have iUsethis. iUsethis is a popular online website that not only gives iPhone apps and game reviews but also Mac applications reviews. Here, the ratings are also provided that are directly proportional to the user-base of the app. Even, users can also vote iPhone apps based on their experience with the apps. The first time visitor will not face any difficulty in finding the app review they want. The best thing is that the reviews here are not biased and based on real pros and cons.

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5. Apptism

Fifth in this list, we have Apptism. The best thing about Apptism is that it allows the users to write their own app reviews. Moreover, you can also compare it with others apps. The main highlight of Apptism is its user-interface i.e. clean and simple. Thus, Apptism stands as a user-friendly website. Moreover, users can also create their own watch list of their favourite apps and games. Overall, Apptism is a must try app review website in this list.

6. Freshapps

In the middle of this list, we have Freshapps. If you are serious iPhone apps and games developer then nothing is better for you than Freshapps. Here, the developers can submit their apps and games to gain reviews and feedbacks. On the other way, users can taste these apps and give their valuable reviews, comments, suggestions. Thus, the developer gets real genuine reviews of their apps and games directly from the end user. Moreover, you can also filter the apps by most reviewed and newest.

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7. MobileAppDaily

Whenever it comes to have the best online platform for online apps and games reviews, MobileAppDaily pop-ups into our mind. This website also has a good reach with various social media platforms. Therefore, it helps the developer to bring up advertisements and branding of their apps online. More people will share your apps and spontaneously your app will get promotion. This website not only offer reviews of iPhone apps but Android apps and games too. Moreover, there are video reviews are also given on the website.

8. MacWorld

If you want to gain some knowledge about your desires app or game then you must check out MacWorld. This website offers unbiased reviews of the iPhone apps and games with pros and cons. Apart from that they give in-depth review of every app and games on their website keeping every aspect highlighted. Even, the user-interface is similar to what you can expect from apps review website. The content is well-organised and maintained. Overall, MacWorld is a must try apps and game review website in this list.

9. AppVee

This list will remain incomplete if we forget to list AppVee in this list. This online platform offers users the best iPhone in-depth app and games reviews. They have the best tech experts and dedicated writers that writes pros and cons of iPhone apps and games. If you have registered yourself on their website then you get eligible to leave comment against any app or game review. Moreover, here you about video reviews of your favourite apps and games too. Thus, AppVee stands as must try website in this list.

10. AppStorm

Last but not the least, we have AppStorm. This online app review platform covers reviews of all popular and widely used apps from all operating systems. It includes iOS, Android. Mac OS, Windows apps and games reviews. If you don’t find any of the websites listed above then you will definitely go to like the AppStorm.

Few More Words

Being an iPhone or Android apps and games developer, we always need a platform to test our developed apps. By submitting apps on these platforms, the developer will get real reviews, suggestions, comments about the performance of their app. Here, about we have listed top 10 best iPhone apps and games reviews websites. Comment below if you know any other website that must be listed above.

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