iPhone XR is the “Most Valuable Smartphone” in Global Markets: Report


INTRO: Since the launch of Apple’s iPhone XR, the iOS device has dominated the smartphone markets around the world. Although it wasn’t quite affordable when it launched, Apple reduced the worth of the device by an enormous margin later. Now, consistent with a replacement report, the iPhone XR has become the “most valuable smartphone” in global markets.

iPhone XR is one smartphone Held Majority Users Over the Years 

SellCell.com, one of the world’s largest smartphone price comparison website, recently published a report showcasing the depreciation of popular Android and iOS devices. As per their analysis, the researchers found that amongst all other smartphones within the market, the iPhone XR is one smartphone that held most of its value over the years.

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The survey conducted by the web site included an analysis of the foremost prominent smartphone brands within the market. The list included five smartphone brands — LG, Samsung, Google, Apple, and Sony. The researchers took the retail prices of these companies’ 2018 smartphones and compared them with the present market prices of those smartphones.

Survey Shows the Consistency 

Now, via the survey and therefore the analysis, it had been found that the iPhone XR ( the 64 GB variant) is that the only smartphone that currently has the foremost value among its 2018 batchmates. As per the report, the worth of the iOS device depreciated by 53% since its launch in 2018. To give you a thought, consistent with the list, Android devices just like the LG G7 Thinq (64 GB), and therefore the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (128 GB) has lost value worth 89.7% and 72.4% respectively.

This is of no surprise as we already know, from a previous report, that Android devices devalue much faster than iOS devices. So, as a result, there are not any Android devices within the top 3 positions.

You can check out the full list down below.

iPhone XR valuable smartphone

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