Jio 1GB Limit Bypass Trick: 100% Working With Proof

Jio 1GB Limit bypass trick

As you all know, in Jio Happy New Year Offer there is daily data limit of 1GB, right? And you might have surfed out through dozens Jio 1GB limit bypass trick, which aren’t working.

Some of you guys had asked about this matter to me personally on WhatsApp and I had replied that “No” there’s no trick but wait… I have now discovered a trick which will help you to use unlimited data without any limit.

Trust me! I have proof. And proof is only to let you trust on my trick, proof is to show that it’s not a fake post.

Jio 1GB Limit Bypass Trick: Use Unlimited Data

If you’re reading SmartTechGuys for a long, you might have hovered through the Jio Happy Hours post. With the launch of Jio Happy New Year Offer, Jio has committed in their terms that in night from 2AM to 5AM you can use unlimited data.

But that’s the lovely time to sleep. So, you can’t change your sleeping schedule for Jio, agree? But why not to change the Jio’s time to follow our schedule! I’m not joking that’s what we have to do.

1) Open MyJio App (Use latest version, no problem).

2) Click on Open option, then Skip sign in option to Log in to the app.

3) Now click on usage to see how much data you have exactly used today (Below is mine).

Jio 1GB Limit bypass trick

4) After that, go into the Date & Time settings of your phone and turn off Automatic Time Update option.

Jio 1GB Daily Limite Bypass trick

5) Now, go into Automatic date & time option which is on the top and choose third option which is OFF.

6) Set random time which is like 2:05AM and the previous day date. Means for today set 29th January 2017.

Why 2:05AM?

Are you thinking about time? Then answer is in below image. Jio has officially said that in night 2AM to 5AM users can use unlimited data with no speed limit and extra charges.

Jio Happy Hours Official Proof

7) Now, start using Internet. You can feel that speed is increased and after a couple of seconds go back to MyJio App data status checker.

You will find that not even 1MB is used.

8) Volia! Jio 1GB Daily Limit Bypassed. Enjoy guys.

Attention: Now before reaching 5AM, go and change the time again to 2:05AM otherwise you daily limit will be exhausted.

Watch this video, if you have still any doubt.

Jio 1GB Limit Bypass Trick: Is it right to use?

For this one question, I have the previous answer that No, it isn’t right to break the rules of a company you are getting service from.

Apart from that trick, if you want to bypass the limit legally, go with this way.

This trick is 100% working and tested. Do comments if you have any problem in using this trick. Also, we’re publishing a YouTube video soon to make all chaos & confusions clear.

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