Jio Set Top Box Images Leaked Once Again: Nothing Extraordinary

Jio Set Top Box Leaked Image 2: Jio DTH

Jio is just a revolution for India or a wizard which increased the Internet Users in India immensely. Now, the Telecom sector is fully covered by Jio and there’s no such company which will compete with Jio. After the revolutionary success in the telecom sector, Jio is now planning to launch Jio DTH services in India.

Talking about the lineaments of Jio Set Top Box which is leaked on the Internet recently claims no such exciting features which were seen in past few leaked images. There’s no such exciting part in Jio Set Top Box but the brand Value of Jio is at the fire so they could easily be cover all market.

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Jio Set Top Box Leaked Images 

Here’s the glimpse of few of the images which are leaked recently on the Internet. All these images are posted by DTHFORUM.

Jio Set Top Box Leaked Image 1: Jio DTH

Jio Set Top Box Leaked Image 2: Jio DTH

Jio Set Top Box Leaked Image 3: Jio DTH

These images are leaked by anonymous person. Expecting these boxes are totally real is not a good idea as because it may be fake or will not come ever in same format. Jio is just testing out their services at present when they will be satisfied with all that they soon will launch these officially. According to the reports of TelecomTalk, these are may be real upcoming Jio Set Top Boxes.

Jio DTH Set Top Box Price in India 

Jio Set Top Box Price in India is about Rs 1000. But it’s the only assumption depending upon the leaks, we can’t consider it as the final price. Although, Jio isn’t offering Set top boxes at an affordable price because, almost operators and demanding the same price. The price tag of Rs 1000 is for the normal set top box and if you go with the HD one, it will cost you around Rs 3000 which is too not that cheaper.

So, it’s pretty clear that if there in anything special about Jio DTH services then that is only the Jio DTH Welcome Offer 2017 which are going to discuss later in this post.

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Jio Set Top Box & DTH Features

The features of the Jio DTH are not that much excellent we are expecting though. The main of highlight of there are recording feature and features listed below.

  • Live Stream of Popular Channels.
  • Past seven days videos can be watched without any charges.
  • Record videos with unlimited bandwidth.
  • Android TV supported.
  • Video on demand facility available.
  • Voice command supported.

The best feature inside this Jio Set Top Box is you can recall your favourite shows up to seven days whenever you want. Apart from that the recording facility is good and the Video on demand is feature is also decent.

At present, we can’t expect such exciting features from Jio in lack of official confirmation but considering that all past rumors on Jio turned true this may be on real Set Top Box with real features.

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Jio Set Top Box & DTH Services Launch Date

The whole project will take time to get completed and demand of Jio is getting higher too so in order to fulfill that they have to prepare stocks. At present, the test mode is running so, expecting Jio DTH services in existence before last months of 2017 look childish. Anyways, we can’t mention the exact date in lack of information but the month would probably be last months of year 2017.

If you have looked up at the images a little sharply, you might have noticed that on the box they have mentioned that “Not For Retail Sale” which means they are not distributing these boxes to everyone.

Jio DTH Online Booking, Pre-Registration & How to Order

These all questions would only be considered when Jio launches its DTH services in India officially. The demand will be of course high, so the shortage of availability may take place.

That’s why they will choose a better option, online booking/pre-registration which will help you & company as well from these problems. They may offer this facility on their own eCommerce Store or tie up with Flipkart, Snapdeal or any other popular stores of India.

Jio DTH Monthly Plan & Packs Pricing, Plan Type

Any list of plans which you toggle through on the Internet are all fake. Yes! Trust us or not but we are true.

Think on it.

The company has yet not confirmed that they will weather launch DTH services or not and we got the list of monthly plans and pricing, wow! What a fantastic concept.

Anyways, talking the type of plans it is also not unveiled but if you are using any DTH you will notice that plan are named as Silver, Gold, Platinum, etc. to differentiate between all plans and yes, Jio will follow the same. But what they put of their plans and packs are not revealed.

Jio DTH Cheapest Plan or Starter Plan

This is also an assumption and can’t be considered as true but mentioned by even some highly reputed tech sites that’s why we are mentioning. The basic or you can starter or cheapest plan of Jio will cost you around Rs 185. 

Which is of course the cheapest plan ever. Looking at the market plans of current DTH service providers.

Jio DTH Preview/Welcome Offer 2017

Yes, this will be the main reason why they gain popularity once again. They are in mood to offer, free trial of their services which have the period of three months and it will give you access to all high-quality free service. They may follow the same way they used to promote telecom in India.

They firstly want to the full satisfaction to their customer and then after will charge for their services at cheapest possible price.

Wrapping up Jio DTH services facilities

1) Jio may offer free three months of trial of their DTH services.

2) Users can enjoy up to 300+ channels and also HD are included in that.

3) The Set Top Box will cost you around Rs 1000 only.

4) Basic starting plan of Jio will cost Rs 185 only.

5) There will be support for Android TV.

6) They will include few regional channels too.

7) May partner with Netflix & Amazon Video Prime to stream videos directly.

8) Launching in last months of year 2017 or may be very soon.

That’s all information we know till date about Reliance Jio DTH services. We will do update when it will be launched officially.

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