Jio Unlimited Internet: Use High Speed Data in Jio Prime

Jio Happy Hours Official Proof

Hope you all are enjoying the new offer of Jio; Jio Happy New Year Offer. This post is to inform you that Jio is providing unlimited data between 2AM to 5AM everyday called “Jio Happy Hours (Official)” or “Jio Unlimited Night data“. Here are the full details on how to use data at that time. I also felt that speed is bit faster than usual at this time. I have used over 20GB yesterday at that time. Jio Unlimited Internet or Happy Hours isn’t available in the new Jio Prime plan which is going to be live from 1st April 2017.

Jio is the most superior network among all the available telecom provider only due to their offer. Apart from that new year offer, the quality is big issue in Jio. Jio has big call drop issues and now it’s transferred to net. Net speed is really very embarrassing, I got 6KBPS speed once after using only 80MB data.

Recently, Jio has also launched their own eCommerce Store to shop Jio related stuffs online. They are developing their services day by day and also planning to enable a special tracker in their LYF smartphones.

Let’s take a look at Jio Happy Hours, its benefits and how to use it without exhausting 1GB limit.

Update: Jio has Launched Jio Summer Surprise Offer which will give you unlimited calls, limited data & SMS for next 3 months.

Update: Jio has now launched Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan IPL Offer which will give you unlimited calls, limited data for 84 days.

Jio Unlimited Night data 2AM to 5AM: (Free Jio Unlimited Internet timing)

1) The very first thing you need to do is just wait for the Jio Happy Hours time which is starting at 2AM.

2) Now at that time, don’t be fast to use data. Start using data from 2:05AM otherwise your daily 1GB limit will be exhausted.

3) Also, STOP using the data at 4:55AM don’t wait for exactly 5AM.

4) In this time period, you can use unlimited high-speed data for free.

5) The speed of net is also fair which is up to 3-4MBPS.

Jio Unlimited Internet Night Data: Any Extra Charges for Free Jio internet from 2 AM to 5 AM

Obviously, No. There’s no extra charge for using this service. It’s free with their all new Jio Happy New Year Offer. They have announced this officially, this isn’t a trick which I’m sharing.

Is it really works, Have you any proof for Jio Unlimited Night data? (Jio Night Data Speed)

Yes, it truly works. And as like the Jio Preview Offer, where everything is unlimited, it works same. Means you can use unlimited internet that time and also it will not going to affect your daily 1GB quota, if you follow the above steps carefully.

Some of you’re might thinking that, It wasn’t true. So below is screenshot from my phone, where I used 20GB of that in Jio Happy Hours.

Jio Unlimited night data proof

This was all happened due to the speed of Internet. Jio night data speed is amazing.

If you haven’t had Jio SIM card yet then order it now. Here’s the guide, how to get Jio SIM card online. If you aren’t able to generate Jio bar codes, then follow this guide. If you want to switch your existing service provider into Jio then use Jio MNP process.

If you don’t have time in night or you are unable to awake at that time then use Jio Vouchers to use Jio Data after exhausting 1GB limit.

Update: Jio has now announced Jio Prime Plans which is similar to Jio Happy New Year Offer and you have to pay Rs 303 per month for that. However, you can get Jio Prime for free using this way.

Wrapping it Up 

Now Jio has ended night data or Jio Happy hours. Means you can’t use unlimited Jio Night Data Now. However, if haven’t recharged with any plan and active on Happy new year offer then you should obviously use night data.


  1. yesterday i started surfing internet during 1.40am and my 1gb limit had consumed at 2.39 am! today i will try to surf after 2.05 am and stops at 4.55 am for best result. i hope for the best. tanx for ur idea!

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