Jio Locate My Device Feature: Track Lost Jio Smartphones Easily

Jio Locate My Device Feature

The world fastest growing company Jio as said by Mukesh Ambani is now going to add an another exciting feature for their users. This feature is named as “Jio Locate My Device” feature, which will help Jio smartphone users to track their lost Jio Android smartphones.

After the launch of Jio Happy New Year Offer all users are very excited and happy with Jio but one thing that should be needed to improve is quality of all services; Still net speed of Jio is very bad in my area. So, now all of us always awaited to launch of some exciting services by Reliance Jio.

As like previous rumor of Jio which is Welcome Offer 2 here’s another rumor news which we are going to talk about called “Jio Locate My Device Feature“.

Jio Locate My Device Feature

Jio Locate My Device Feature: How will it work?

The Jio Locate My Device Feature is only for those people who are using Jio smartphone & this feature will ensure that there’s no need to worry even your Jio smartphone is lost. As because they will introduce a tracker in their smartphones, which will be able to map exact location of Jio smartphone in real-time.

All this feature will work with the help of GPS. Using Jio SIM card they will help to find out the stolen or lost devices & inform users about that.

As per rumored news, Jio will add an extra widget in their users account for this Jio Locate My Device Feature, from their users will able to access this features easily.

More updates on Jio security features are coming soon & we will do update on our site as soon as possible.


Jio may extend their happy new offer year offer from 31st March 2017 as seen on some telecom sites but looks like this is a rumor but it might be possible.

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