Jio LYF Easy Leaked Images & Final Price Revealed (Get Details Now)

Jio LYF Easy, Jio LYF mobile offer, World Cheapest 4G Smartphone Jio LYF Easy, Jio Rs 1000 mobile; Howdy Friends! Reliance Jio is nowadays very popular in every society for its well-known Jio Welcome Offer, in which users will get access to the free unlimited internet, calls & SMS.

UpdateSo, Finally Jio LYF Easy images are leaked on the internet and it’s final price would be comitted as Rs 1299.

Jio LYF Easy

SOURCE: Fonearena

Update: Now, it’s revealed on most popular tech sites that Jio LYF Easy would be launched and in two variants, one priced at Rs 999 & another Rs 1499.

Jio LYF Easy

Now, Jio is planning to launch “Jio LYF Easy” smartphones which should be the world cheapest 4G Smartphones.

World cheapest because these will launch with a price tag of Rs 1000 to Rs 1500 only so that even a common man can afford it.

As seen on some tech sites, Jio will launch these smartphones in early January 2017. After the end of Jio Welcome Offer, Jio LYF Easy would be launched.

Reliance Jio may extend their welcome offer till march 2017 or launch another offer with tagline Jio Welcome Offer 2.

Firstly, see how to get Jio LYF Easy Smartphone, after that we’ll tell little bit about their motto behind the launch, by looking at the scenario.

Jio LYF Easy: How to Buy Now @ Rs 1000

  • Go to SALE PAGE here (Link will be added, once smartphone will be launched).
  • Add Jio LYF Easy to your shopping cart.
  • Log in or Sign up.
  • Enter shipping details correctly.
  • Make payment via given methods or select the COD option, if available.
  • Voila! 1000 rupee smartphone will be delivered at your home soon.
    Above process must be followed to get Jio LYF smartphones. Now, let’s see why these smartphones are so cheap.

Jio LYF Easy: Launch Date, Price & Specifications 

Launch date: January 2017

Price: Rs 1000 to Rs 1500


  • Dual SIM
  • VoLTE Capable
  • 9820 Spreadtrum processor
  • Dual Camera
  • Wifi + Hotspot
  • 512MB RAM + 4GB ROM

We are already from the fake smartphone companies like Freedom251, Docoss X1, ChampOne C1, Vobizen Wise 5,etc. So if you’re contemplating that this is also the same, then our answer is resounding “No“.

This will be a true offer for all people. They want to make Digital India and for that being digital is most important. Right now, thousands of rural people know about Jio smartphones but why won’t they shop for it? Because they don’t have even money to afford that Rs 2999 smartphone also.

For those common people, Jio will launch these smartphones so that they can buy smartphones & be a part of digital India. Jio is not so atrocious brand, trust them.

In India, 65% of total Internet users are still using 2G network, you know why? Because some of them can’t afford 3G or 4G pack & some of them don’t have 3G or 4G supported smartphone. Reliance wants to end this culture of using 2G to save pocket, that’s they planning to launch such cheap smartphones in India.

Jio already made a record by getting 16 million subscribers in a month just after the announcement of the extension of Jio welcome offer. They have that ability to launch a 4G Smartphone which would cost near about Rs 1000 to Rs 1500. Don’t take this as a fake offer. Believe it, they launch Jio LYF Easy Smartphones soon in the market.

Not only smartphones, they are also planning to launch DTH services soon which would be cheaper from even any other company.

A rumor is also being suave that Jio might extend their welcome offer till march 2017. This is also not so fake, look at the scenario below. We have got a solid reason which proves why they might elongate their services till march 2017.

Jio wants to achieve 100 Million subscribers before 31st December 2016, which seems difficult for them. For that matter, they have leaked information about Jio Welcome Offer 2 in which they will offer the same till march 2017.

One more important update about Jio LYF Smartphones:-

Jio is going to launch Jio Locate My Device Feature, which will help Jio Android smartphones users to track their lost or stolen smartphone easily. This feature is just a rumor like previous one offer; Jio Welcome Offer 2 but it might be launched soon as Jio is thinking about Jio’s Security.

Get full details here: Reliance Jio Locate My Device Feature: Track Android LYF Smartphones Easily

In year 2017, not only Jio will launch such cheap smartphones, some other chinese company are also planning for that.

Update: Jio Happy New Year Offer Launched In Place Of Welcome Offer 2 , Free services till 31st March 2017.

Jio has now also introduced 2 new Jio Vouchers for them who want to use more data than the fixed cap of 1GB. Jio Vouchers comes with 1GB & 6GB Data Packs.

Update: Jio MNP Service launched officially, all before that you’re listening is just rumor. But from now you can land to Jio without changing your existing number.

We will update our site faster than anyone else, when Jio LYF Easy 4G Smartphone will launch.

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