Jio MNP Service: Port Your Number to Jio & Get Jio Happy New Year Offer

Jio MNP Service

Jio MNP Service, Jio MNP Offers, Jio MNP Offer for Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, Telenor, Aircel; At last, Jio has now launched Jio MNP Service on 1st December 2016 in same event where they were launched Jio Happy New Year Offer. If you’ve some doubt regarding this service, then it’s only because you might had heard about this service in past. Hey, don’t be panic, all of them are rumors & totally fake, because Mukesh Amabani own told that we are now launching mobile portability service.

So, the big question is what is special in this Jio MNP service & offer. Talking about the benefits, the first one is

  • You don’t have to change your mobile number to come in Jio network.
  • You will get all benefits which a Jio user is getting; Jio Happy New Year Offer.
  • No need to pay any charge for this whole service.

I think you all have now a bit idea about this MNP service but even you’re not getting eloquently what is it, then read below.

Jio MNP Service

Jio MNP Service: What is MNP?

MNP (Mobile Number Portability) is a service in which users can change their service provider without the change of mobile number.

All it means that, if you want to be a customer of Jio telecom without getting change in your mobile number then you can do so using this excellent service.

To land in Jio’s network, you need to follow some pretty much easy steps mentioned below.

Jio MNP Service: Move your number to Jio & get Jio Happy New Year Offer 

Before going to throughout the whole process, let’s see the requirements below.

  • Active Mobile Number: You need a mobile number which is active in your phone, it doesn’t matter which operator you are using.
  • A 4G Handset: For getting these MNP offer, 4G handset is a basic minimum requirement or you have to go through a long process; rooted phones, Bar code tricks, etc.
  • ID Documents: You must have a valid Identity Documents similar to the existing mobile number, if not matches to previous one you can’t get new Jio SIM card.
  • Current Photo: 2 passport size photographs of current SIM owner is needed. Photos are must not be very old.

If you have all these above, then move for further steps given below.

How to get Jio MNP Service?

  • Open messages from your phone & compose a message as, PORT<space>YOUR 10 DIGIT NUMBER & send it to1900.
  • For e.g, If you have to port 9876543210 then type a message as, PORT 9876543210 & send it to 1900.
  • After that soon you will get a message like below;

We have received your request for Port Out and you will receive the UPC shortly. Please share UPC only with the agent at point of sale not with others.

  • Now, again you will get a message with you unique porting code (UPC) like below;

Hello! Your Unique Porting Code is VBXXXXX. This code will be used as an reference during porting and will be valid till 2016-11-11 23:59:59 (time vary according to your time).

  • Don’t remove this message this will needed at the time of activation of your new SIM card.
  • Download MyJio App & Generate bar code by downloading all mentioned apps in it (If you’re not getting bar code then follow this link).
  • In mid-time, you may receive calls from your existing telecom operator to stay in same company, just give a damn to that calls & ignore it
  • Now, Visit nearest Reliance Digital Xpress store with ID Documents + Jio BarCode + 4G Handset + UPC Code. Tell them about your connection; postpaid or prepaid, submit a form given to you by Reliance executive and that’s all.
  • Now, wait for 15 minutes (if done using eKYC method) & insert your Jio SIM card into your 4G Handset & start using Jio along with their free services.
  • Jio free services will last on 31st March 2017, where you are limited to use only 1GB data daily, if you need more here are two new Jio vouchers you can choose from.

Terms and Conditions of Jio MNP Service:

  • The porting request will take up to 7 working days, and at the same time; you will face ‘no service’ for nearly two hours. And, this is the indication that your mobile number is in the porting stage.
  • If you’re a postpaid customer, then you must clear all your outstanding bill in the current operator. Otherwise, the porting request will be canceled.
  • After generating the UPC, you should complete the porting process within 30 days in all the regions of India, except Jammu and Kashmir, where the UPC validity is limited to 15 days.

Share this post if it worked for you, do comments and ask if you’re facing any problems in porting your SIM card into Jio.

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