Jio Wifi Setup Complete Guide, How to Use, Plan & Pricing

JioFi is a device, predominantly build for the devices which doesn’t supports 4G VoLTE but are good to use. People have purchased JioFi or some budget 4G smartphones to use Jio’s offer on it, correct? If you haven’t got a 4G handset yet but want to taste Jio once, there’s sweet option for you formally called “JioFi“. Jio Wifi Setup process is bit lengthy but this guide will help you to do so.

We’ll tell you, how Jio Wifi Setup will be done easily in just few steps, after that we’ll focus on the plans & pricing of Jiofi. Troubleshooting like reseting your JioFi or changing password, we’ll also look at those. Without any further delay, let’s get started.

But before getting started, you have to ensure that you have purchased a JioFi, if not then follow below steps to buy Jio Wifi Online now.

Jio Wifi buy now online at or

Jio has launched their own eCommerce Store so you can easily shop Jio Wifi from there without any extra charges.

1) Go to the official Jio Store from above links.

2) Add JioFi to your shopping cart.

3) Log in or Sign up at store.

4) Enter shipping details or update existing one.

5) Choose payment mode & make payment successfully (COD Available).

6) Hurrah! Your order has been placed successfully & you will get JioFi soon at your doorsteps.

Now let’s see, how Jio Wifi Setup process works.

Jio Wifi Setup Guide for Newbies

Below steps should be followed in order to do Jio Wifi Setup easily & quickly.

Jio Wifi Box Image1) First of all, open the box in which JioFi was delivered to you.

Make sure the box has JioFi, Adaptor, Cable and Battery.

Jio Wifi setup/Activation Process2) Now, open the back panel of JioFi and insert Jio SIM card into it as done in mobiles.
Jio Wifi Setup how to power on3) Press hold “Power On” button located on top of JioFi to switch it on.


Jio Wifi Setup process indicators4) Now you will find lights are glowing in the given icons which are of Signal indicator, Wifi indicator & Battery indicator.

Jio Wifi Setup process Signal check5) Check colour of indicators to ensure that you’re in good network and able to use JioFi (Green or Blue Colour means good signal).

Jio Wifi Setup process Complete6) That’s it! All process is done now and your JioFi is ready to get used.


How to start using Jio Wifi (JioFi) on 2G/3G phone?

Using this process will help you to get connected with JioFi and start using it right away.

1) Switch the JioFi On.

2) Open Wifi Settings from your phone.

3) Choose the username (Formally SSID) of your device from the list.

4) Tap on that & Enter the password.

Note: To know your SSID/Password you can either check the label on your JioFI Box or check the device label present in the battery compartment.

5) Enter the password in the required menu and you’re now connected to JioFi. Enjoy!

How to Change Jio Wifi (JioFi) SSID & Password?

Yes, you can change the password of your JioFi very easily following below steps.

1) Connect your device to JioFi over Wifi or USB.

2) Open the browser on your device and type the URL: http: //jiofi.local.html and hit enter.

3) Tap on Login button on top right of browser screen.

4) When prompted, enter User ID as administrator and Password as administrator and tap on login icon.

5) Navigate to Wi-Fi settings under the settings tab on your screen.

6) Change JioFi Username (SSID) and Security Key (Password) as you wish and tap on save button.

7) Voila! Your SSID & Password is now successfully changed.

That’s all about JioFi from our side, if you are facing any issue in setting your JioFi then please do comments below.

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