JioPhone Online Booking & How to Buy for Free

JioPhone Online Booking

So, the JioPhoneIndia Ka SmartPhone” is finally coming in 15th August for testing few beta users. Jio had recently  announced its most alleged feature phone at Reliance AGM and claimed that the phone will be offered to users free of cost apart from the security money. However, users would have to do JioPhone Online Booking before they purchase it on 1st September 2017.

There are different plans with the phone even which is much cheaper than usual plans, take a look at the new Jio Rs 153 plan they launched with the JioPhone.

JioPhone Online Booking: How to Book JioPhone “India Ka SmartPhone” ?

As there is insane demand of the JioPhone, company has kept so many rules and T&Cs before one can buy it. If you didn’t know yet, the users will have to pay Rs 1500 as security money at the time of purchase which is refundable but only when you return the phone. The minimum duration after you can return the phone to get your Rs 1500 is 3 years.

Now, coming to the important specs, JioPhone is allegedly powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 205 SoC with 512MB of RAM. It will also allow you to insert a SD card if you want to expand the memory.

So, to buy JioPhone Online, you need to pre-register for it and wait for the sale day. The company will serve the sale on ‘First Come First Serve‘ basis, so you should need to be quick at the time of ordering JioPhone.

JioPhone Online Booking Date

And the date is 24th August 2017. Yes, the pre-registration for the most awaited beats is going to be live on 24th August 2017.

The great thing is, before 24th August you will get to see all features of this phone and can see all its specifications as on 15th August beta users will get this smartphone.

How to do JioPhone Online Booking via MyJio app?

There are two different ways available to do JioPhone Online Booking buy make sure in both the cases that you are on a fine Internet connection.

To do JioPhone Online Booking via MyJio app follow below steps.

  • Download MyJio app from Google Play Store.
  • Install it and then Open.
  • After that, Sign in with your Jio SIM Card by clicking on Skip sign in.
  • Move to the dashboard and you will see banner about JioPhone Online Booking.
  • Tap on that banner to move ahead.
  • Now, fill the required details in the fields given there.
  • Boom! You’re done, you should now need to wait for 1st September until the company announces about sale time.

How to do JioPhone Online Booking via Jio Official Website?

Alternatively, you can pre-register for the JioPhone via its official site also, steps will be the same but the only difference here is you need to open Jio website.

You can pre-book your JioPhone either from Jio official website or via MyJio app which is available for Android as well as iOS.

Follow below steps to do JioPhone online booking, if you’re using website.

  • Open Jio official website.
  • Hit the banner on the home about JioPhone.
  • Fill up the required details with full name, email, address or whatever needed and that’s it.
  • Now, you can purchase JioPhone on 1st September 2017 on the First Come First Serve basis.

JioPhone Online Booking Cost?

There’s no charge for booking the JioPhone, however you need to pay the security amount of Rs 1500 on 1st September 2017 while placing the order of JioPhone.

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