Top 13 Best KissCartoon Alternatives 2020 to watch Cartoons

Top 13 KissCartoon Alternatives

Are you a cartoon lover? Who is always in search of some good cartoon series. Then, in that case, KissCartoon must not be a new name for you as this is one of the popular sites which provides easy access for the people and allows them to play multiple cartoons for free.

It is designed beautifully and elegantly by its developers where you have access to loads of cartoon series and the best part is you can watch most of the cartoon series for free. The uniqueness of KissCartoon is that it provides its user high-quality definition video to watch for free.

Why look out for Alternatives?

You have the liberty to watch the video available on KissCartoon even without Sign-up isn’t this amazing? But, sometimes what happens is KissCartoon goes down and the cartoon lovers have to face major disappointment and they are not able to find the desirable cartoon of their choice on time.

Therefore, in this article today we are going to discuss the top 13 KissCartoon alternatives so that you do not have to go through a hard time when KissCartoon goes down for some reason. Let’s discuss each one of the alternatives in quite a detail. Let’s begin:

Top 13 KissCartoon Alternatives

  1. KimCartoon
  2. WatchCartoonOnline
  3. 9Anime
  4. AnimeRhino
  5. KissAnime
  6. Toonova
  7. KuroAni
  8. Disney now
  9. AnimeToon
  10. Anime Wow
  11. ToonGet
  12. Dubbed Anime
  13. CartoonCrazy

Now, we will be discussing each one of the alternatives in quite a detail and we shall also try to find out why this platform could be the best substitute for KissCartoon. Let’s begin:

  1. KimCartoon

Top 13 KissCartoon Alternatives

The next name is KimCartoon. KimCartoon provides outstanding videos for its viewers that too without any cost. You have the accessibility to video without any sign-up. Videos that Kim cartoon provides have outstanding quality along with this it also has a very friendly user interface.

Why KimCartoon could be one of the best KissCartoon alternatives?

KimCartoon also offers genres of various types like horror, drama, comedy, action, etc. the great thing and unique thing about KimCartoon is that you can access KimCartoon on mobile too. Isn’t this outstanding! In this process, you get the best of both worlds.


  1. WatchCartoonOnline

The next in the list is WatchCartoonOnline which is another excellent option as a substitute for Kisscartoon. It provides an excellent clean interface and masterpiece user experience. Another good thing about WatchCartoonOnline is that it is very easy to use and it can be used by kids also very easily and without facing any sort of difficulty. It is also free of cost.

Why WatchCartoonOnline could be one of the best KissCartoon alternatives?

The first reason would be it has a great look and unique design and it provides video in different qualities like 360p, 480p, 1080 p. It has a huge collection of anime series and cartoons that you as a cartoon lover would love to watch.

  1. 9Anime

The last name on the list is  9Anime. 9Anime can also prove out to be a good substitute for KissCartoon. For Anime lover  9Anime is yet another option that they can look out for. All the cartoon and anime series provided in  9Anime is of HD quality and the interface is also clean.


  1. AnimeRhino

Moving on to the next one, the next one on the list is AnimeRhino. AnimeRhino also has a vast range of anime and cartoons along with the subtitles. Apart from this, this website is also free to watch and on top of that, you do not even have to sign-up for anything. It also allows you to download the cartoon or anime and you can keep it with yourself for watching it later.

Why AnimeRhino could be one of the best KissCartoon alternatives?

It includes varieties of genres such as horror, drama, comedy, action, romance, mystery, etc which makes it a little more desirable then compared to any other website if we talk about the best substitute of KissCartoon.

  1. KissAnime

Top 13 KissCartoon Alternatives

The first one in the long list is KissAnime. And with no doubt, KissAnime is one of the best alternatives to KissCartoon. As their names are similar and so their features. KissAnime works similarly to KissCartoon. KissAnime gives you the platform to stream your favorite anime online. It provides you several categories of animation and then it depends on you which is the one that you want to watch. And, all of the anime is easily available to watch and you can watch it free of cost.

Why KissAnime could be one of the best KissCartoon alternatives?

Apart from providing features that are almost similar to KissCartoon. KissAnime also has this facility where it accepts the request for cartoon titles and animes which are not in their list and they try their best to come out with the best solution.


  1. Toonova

Top 13 KissCartoon Alternatives

If you are looking for a website to stream cartoon series and a substitute for KissCartoon then Toonova is the name that will top the list. Toonova contains the largest number of cartoons and one thing to note here is that just like most of the websites it also has a different kind of genre but it has some add-ons like tech, thriller, sci-fi, etc which makes it a little more desirable.

Why Toonova could be one of the best KissCartoon alternatives?

It has a variety of genres and it supports its videos of cartoon series and anime on both the website and Android which is amazing. Daily episodes of popular websites are also available in Toonova which is unique.

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  1. KuroAni

The next name on the list is KuroAni. KuroAni has an excellent user interface and along with this, it is also Ad-free. It provides videos to its customers free of cost and without any great Sign-up. You can load dubbed cartoons and anime in KuroAni.

Why KuroAni could be one of the best KissCartoon alternatives?

Apart from having a very optimized interface. The best unique thing about KuroAni is that it has a chat option so now you can chat with the people along with watching. And, also it keeps you updated about the newly released anime and cartoon series.

  1. Disney now

Top 13 KissCartoon Alternatives

This is the name you must have heard. Didn’t you? Disney now is the favorite website to watch old cartoons and reminisce memories.  It has animes and cartoons which are very much popular like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck which are liked by all the age groups equally.

Why DisneyNow could be one of the best KissCartoon alternatives?

You can find most of the cartoon series and Animes on this website that are being shown on Tv. The best thing about DisneyNow is that it is an Ad-free platform so if you are using  DisneyNow you can have a binge seamless watching without any disturbance.


  1. AnimeToon

The animation is another outstanding option when looking for a substitute for KissCartoon. It also provides its user video for free and without any sign-up. It includes more genres as compared to any other website. Apart from this, it is also very user friendly.

Why AnimeToon could be one of the best KissCartoon alternatives?

AnimeToon is updated daily which makes it different from any other website. Due to this, you get to watch the newly released cartoon and anime series very fast and maybe first. It has a very clean layout and the newly released gets popped up regularly. 


  1. Anime Wow

Another name that would top the list when it comes to finding the best substitute for KissCartoon is Anime Wow. Anime Wow is particularly made for Anime lovers. It provides a whole bunch of new videos to its users regularly.

Why Anime Wow could be one of the best KissCartoon alternatives?

It is more inclined towards anime than cartoon series and you get the dedicated category for anime series, favorite anime as well which is unique and no other website has to offer.

  1. Dubbed Anime

Moving to the next alternative, the next name is Dubbed Anime. It has all the features somewhat similar to KissCartoon. It has a friendly user interface and provides its videos for free to its users without charging even a penny. The only different thing that Dubbed Anime caters is that you would be able to find most of your favorite cartoon dubbed versions in this platform which is great for people who have a language problem.

Why Dubbed Anime could be one of the best KissCartoon alternatives?

Dubbed Anime provides dubbed anime and cartoon series. It is also very friendly and easy to use. Ads will disturb you a lot if you do opt for the premium plan. But, once you opt for the premium you can have a disturbance-free and seamless binge-watching.

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  1. ToonGet

ToonGet is a very nice website to watch anime cartoon series and animated movies online. It has almost all the movies and videos which are marvelous. You have varieties of genres that you can look out for. Some genres include crime, drama, horror, etc.

Why ToonGet could be one of the best KissCartoon alternatives?

ToonGet has the option for its users that they can watch the video through an app too which is unique and outstanding. It also has a special tab called a surprise where it randomly plays any cartoon or anime.

  1. CartoonCrazy

Top 13 KissCartoon Alternatives

CartoonCrazy is another option that you can look up to. It also provides a series of anime and cartoons which are available at your end free of cost. All you have to do is just click on the thumbnail and you are good to go to watch your favorite cartoon/anime.

Why CartoonCrazy could be one of the best KissCartoon alternatives?

If you are using CartoonCrazy to watch anime and cartoons then you have this facility to subscribe for notification. In this case, you will be informed regularly about all the updates and new things that have taken its place on the website which is unique.


If you carefully see all these websites and the features that it provides you will find too many commonalities. Well, this is because all these websites are developed to provide the same services. But what you take into account while making a choice is that each of these websites has something unique in them which no other website has. So, your decision should be based on your wants and suitability. Happy watching.


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