Laptop vs Desktop For Gaming: Which One Is Better

Laptop vs Desktop

While most gamers know the thrill of playing their favorite games on a large screen monitor with high-resolution graphics kept on a pedestal with a custom made gaming desk, they are also finding themselves increasingly beginning to wonder, whether gaming laptops are true, a good, if not better option? It’s not surprising – the tech market has seen steady growth in terms of the sales of gaming laptops, and the manufacturers of these laptops too, are focusing on wooing their gamer audiences with cutting-edge innovations in terms of GPU’s, display resolutions, as well as high-speed processors. So let’s discuss Laptop vs Desktop: which one you should use while gaming.

Gaming laptops have certainly emerged to be a viable option for gamers, promising to offer everything a hardcore gamer might need to enjoy a high-quality gaming experience. So if you have found yourself wondering, more than once, how a gaming laptop stacks up in comparison with a gaming desktop, and which is the best choice to make, here’s a good way to start.

How Gaming Laptop vs Desktop Differs?

Apart from the most obvious differences that you already know between a laptop and a PC, there are some gaming-specific areas where the two vary. If you’re contemplating choosing between the two, it’s probably a wise idea to take a closer look at both, and understand where the pros and cons lie.


Laptop vs Desktop This is an easy one. If you’re addicted to gaming or are a serious gamer battling it out in tournaments, you’re hardly going to be able to lug around your desktop everywhere you go. Laptops, on the other hand, are getting thinner by the day, and with the good gaming laptop, you could game from practically anywhere. Even the heaviest laptop you can lay your hands on is going to be lighter than a gaming desktop, isn’t it?

The other downside to a gaming desktop when it comes to portability is the number of peripherals and wires it comes with – taking these everywhere you go is going to be a hassle. Think of a tournament or a LAN party – are you really going to be able to lug around your entire system?

Having said this, it’s probably good to know that most gaming notebooks will still be bulkier than your everyday office notebook Laptop vs Desktop. While they may still fit in your backpack, they’re not exactly what one would call sleek, or light Laptop vs Desktop.

Laptop vs Desktop

Customizability Laptop vs Desktop

One of the most undeniable advantages of a gaming desktop over a laptop is the extent of customizability it offers. There’s quite literally no end to how much you can customize your gaming system when you are using a PC Laptop vs Desktop. It’s true that you need a fair bit of knowledge and understanding of computer systems, but anyone who knows their hardware basics can take apart a PC with some effort. After that, you can just about remove, replace and tweak any component, to suit your preferences. All you need is basic knowledge and some very basic tools, probably nothing more than a screwdriver or two.

A gaming laptop, on the other hand, is a completely different story. Laptops were always meant to be compact, as a result of which a laptop’s components are made specifically to fit inside one. There’s no space for you to install additional components, and since existing ones are fixed in their places, removing them is neither particularly easy nor advisable. Additionally, a laptop’s parts are specifically custom-made to fit right in, so installing, for example, a larger graphics card could definitely be a problem.

That’s really one of the biggest disadvantages a laptop has, as compared to a gaming desktop – every single one of its components is built-in – from your processor to your display, your graphics card and your keyboard. While this means buying a good gaming laptop saves you the trouble and additional cost of buying and assembling your machine, it also leaves no possibility to customize your machine with, say a 144Hz gaming monitor or a neat mechanical keyboard.

Laptop vs Desktop

This makes even the best gaming laptop you can find rather limiting in terms of how much you can modify it to take your gaming experience to the next level.

Touchpad Laptop vs Desktop

Laptop vs Desktop Everyone who has ever used a gaming laptop knows that using a touchpad is extremely inconvenient irrespective of the kind of game you are playing – be it be fast-paced shooting or click-and-drag functions for a strategy game. Which means you have to buy a mouse to go with your gaming laptop, unless you intend to play only with a controller.

Of course, when you bring external CPU’s into the picture like Intel Core or others, this picture changes dramatically, and all you need to carry around is a box-sized processor, your keyboard and mouse, so long as you have access to a screen wherever you’re going to game from.


Hope, now all the confusion you were having while buying a laptop or desktop for gaming is cleared now.

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