Latest WhatsApp Secret Tricks and Tips You Never Heard Of


Have you heard of a cool messaging app named “WhatsApp“? Kidding… There’s no other app available on this planet which has been used frequently like WhatsApp. Well, I use it a lot too.

WhatsApp has much more eloquent interface than any other messaging app, even if compared to Google’s Allo & Hike. This is the only reason why Google is not able to beat WhatsApp with their nicely designed app Allo.

Allo allows incognito chatting option, which WhatsApp doesn’t have, an assistant also but they aren’t able to beat WhatsApp.

Allo, let it be…

This post is all about Latest WhatsApp Secret Tricks and Tips of 2017 which aren’t using or know as a normal user. There are a lot of hidden features on WhatsApp that you’re missing out, because some of them aren’t official & some are official but hidden.

Let me start with some basic tricks and then we’ll go deeper into it. The reason behind the title Latest WhatsApp Secret Tricks and Tips is all information is at one destination. Hmm! We’ll keep updating this post weekly with new tricks.

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Latest WhatsApp Secret Tricks and Tips

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Latest WhatsApp Secret Tricks and Tips 2017

Let me start with the first one, which you’re might not using.

1. Star a favourite message & see it later

You are in a lot of WhatsApp groups, such as funny, music, videos,etc. and might have getting cool messages time to time. But how would you save a message, when you loved that a lot… I’ll share it in a least used chat or group.

But, it this the solution? Of course, No.

Then how to save that best messages for later, the feature is inside the WhatsApp. Have you seen a start mark on top option bar, when you select a message?

Yes, I have seen. Then just tap on that option to star a message and later find it on Starred Messages section in WhatsApp menu. See below image.

Latest WhatsApp Secret Tricks and Tips #1

2. WhatsApp Secret Tricks for New font, Bold, Strike &Italics

WhatsApp recently added a new typewriter style font within their app & there is no notification for users for it, means without any official announcement.
The font is similar like this.

And other features which you might have seen is some messages like bold texts, Italics & strike texts.Well these are simple secret tricks of WhatsApp.

To use new font, put the text between these `   `   `   quotes, located in second symbols page of your keyboard.

To bold a text, put the text between to * star icons.

Similarly, if you want to Italic or Strike a text, put the text between _ & ~ symbols.

Latest WhatsApp Secret Tricks and Tips #2

3. Reply to a chat without opening WhatsApp

This is cool feature of WhatsApp, which will be very helpful when you’re in your favourite app and don’t want to out of that for replying a chat.

You will get a simple pop-up on your screen and reply directly from there without going into WhatsApp app. Shall I do this? Of course! Follow below steps to enable this decent feature.

To enable this feature, go into WhatsApp Settings > Notification > Popup Notification > Always show popup.

Latest WhatsApp Secret Tricks and Tips #3

4. Send any type of file on WhatsApp (APK, ZIP,etc.)

Amazing! Can it be possible with WhatsApp? Absolutely, it can be done with little long trick.

To enable this feature, you have to download an app named Dropbox and sign up on it. After that, you have to install CloudSend app in your phone. In Dropbox, allow CloudSend permission by clicking on Allow option.

Once all done, then simply choose apk you want to share from your file manager, tap hold on the share icon for a moment and choose CloudSend option.

Now the apk or zip, whatever file you want to upload will be uploaded and you got an option to share its link. Share link in WhatsApp & your friend will be able to download that apk, zip, etc. file easily.

This is really a trick, right? Because there’s no secret inside WhatsApp for this, that’s why we spotted in title Latest WhatsApp Secret Tricks.

5. Custom Notification for chats

There are some situations, where you want to reply to only important messages but how to judge, who is messaging you without opening WhatsApp.

Well, there is a way.

You can use WhatsApp Custom Notification feature to make this happen.

Go into a chat you want to get custom notification for, and simply tap on the Name/Number to see the status, display picture (DP), groups in common & set the custom notification.

You find an option to use a custom ringtone for that chat, after tapping on custom notification option. Checkout below image.

Custom notification for chat, Latest WhatsApp Secret Tricks and Tips

6. Keep your status blank while seeing others

Fortunately, you can do this & officially. Don’t expect a trick for it because you will do this simply by going into you WhatsApp settings.

Likewise other features, hiding last seen & double tick, this features doesn’t trammel you to see others status. When you hide your last seen or double tick then you’re also not able to see of others. In this feature, you will be able to see others status while hiding yours at same time.

Go into WhatsApp Settings > then Account > then Privacy > then Status > select Nobody. Checkout below image.

Hide status Latest WhatsApp Secret Tricks and Tips

7. Send Messages in Bulk to your friends

Let say, you have to wish happy Republic day to all friends, but you don’t want to message them one by one. You will say,”I will click forward and tap the chats I want to send”.

But, hey the best way to send messages in bulk is WhatsApp Broadcast feature. When you’re forwarding a message to a lot of chats inside WhatsApp then you might have faced WhatsApp slow down issue. That’s why, I’m suggesting you this way.

To make a broadcast list on WhatsApp simply tap on three dot icon located at top right section. After that, tap on New Broadcast option, and start adding members in it by tapping their contacts.

Once all done, just send a message into that Broadcast list & messages will be sent to all members.

WhatsApp Broadcast feature

8. Include someone in your message while Group Chat

Sometimes you get confused when chatting in a WhatsApp group, as you don’t have any option to ensure whom you’re talking to, except message quoting feature.

But in a group, you can start chatting with a single person directly by using @ symbol. Once you tap this symbol in a WhatsApp group, you will get an option to choose name of the person whom you want to talk with.

Then it will be understood by everyone that whom are you talking to. Checkout below image.

This feature is introduced recently, that’s why you’re getting it into list of Latest WhatsApp Secret Tricks and Tips.

Whatsapp tricks to reply specific person in a group

9. Get unblocked if someone blocked you

You might have done something for which somebody has blocked your contact on WhatsApp. Well, there’s no way to get unblocked except requesting the person blocked you but you should definitely checkout this lengthy way which is available.

In problem, no one gives damn to the long processes, we just want to get rid out of that. So here is the solution of getting unblocked.

First of all, go into WhatsApp Settings > Account > Delete my account > Enter current phone number & choose country to proceed.

Yes, once you recreate your account on WhatsApp using the same number you will get unblocked from all chats who blocked you.

Well, unfortunately there is only this way to get unblocked on WhatsApp.

10. Schedule Messages on WhatsApp

It’s a birthday celebration of your friend & you’re of sleepy nature who miss to wake up at 12:00AM. Then you’ll surely love this trick because this trick will send the message for you at exact time you want, even you miss that.

It will be done using an app called “Scheduler for WhatsApp“. This app is of only 4MB, not killing your storage. This app will allow you to schedule messages for any WhatsApp chat easily.

You would be given Accessibility permission to the app in order to use it.

Would we missed any latest WhatsApp Secret Tricks and Tips?

That’s all for this post right now. My research is going on and I’ll add some more excellent & latest WhatsApp Tricks and tips here soon. In mid-time, you can suggest some latest WhatsApp Secret  tricks that are missing in above list.

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