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best lifestyle apps

Here we are back again with another great article featuring the list of top 10 best life style apps for Android and iOS devices. The best thing is that it is an updated list of 2019. Do you know that many tasks of life or you can say daily routine activities can be boosted and completed without any failures or restrictions by using apps available for smartphones. These apps not only make your work more productive but also saves a lot of your valuable time that can be consumed in other activities.

Let’s consider an example, an App called Split-wise let you keep track of your expenses, share expenses with someone, easily split expenses between friends or roommates. Below, we have featured some very useful daily life apps that users must install on their Android phone. Therefore, we recommend all our beloved readers to give a complete reading to the below article to not miss any important updates.

List of Best Lifestyle Apps


This list begins with IFTTT. This app is also known as “If, This, Then, That”. Using this app, users can perform many useful daily life tasks and make their routine more productive. Let’s consider an example, you can set up this app such that you will get a text message of local weather forecast every morning at 6:30 AM or email whenever a new file gets added to your Dropbox. We can say that IFTTT let you setup triggers for various events and activities. The first time, you open this IFTTT app, you have to select IF, Then, This, That statement actions.

2. Swarm

Second, must install daily life app, we have is Swarm. This app list you connect with your family and friends and log all the places you routinely visit. Therefore, we can say that Swarm is a lifelogging application software for smartphones. In 2014, Foursquare split up into Swarm and Foursquare. Basically. People who is a check-in at places a lot will find this app very helpful. It will improve your checking-in experience. Moreover, the interface of this app is quite decent and user-friendly.

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3. Divvy

Third, we have Divvy. Love to go with friends at restaurants or food outlets? Yes! Then this app is going to be really helpful for you. The situation gets complicated when the bill comes and all your friends calculate their own way that how much they contribute. Might be the dishes were not eaten symmetrically or proportionally then it may be going to really confusing. But don’t worry. Just snap a photo of the bill on Divvy app then split all the courses by dragging orders from the check to each person you pull from your phone’s contact list. Apart from that you can even include tax and tip.

4. Moovit

Love to travel or just moving out of your comfort zone to perform an important task? If the answer is Yes then nothing is better for you than Moovit app. Using this app, you don’t have to worry about disabled trains, late buses, train schedule changes etc. This app will pull up all the possible routines near you. Moreover, if your train or bus is late then it will let you know where they are? How much time they will take to fresh read you and more. This app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

5. SwiftKey

SwiftKey is one of the popular and most installed third-party keyboard application available for both Android and iOS devices. This app features both tap and swipe keyboards. You can either tap all the wood individually or just swipe your finger over the alphabets that makes a word. Cool yeah! Moreover, this app works with artificial intelligence also known as AI. If you have typed first Zack then Misty then next time you swipe Zack then Misty will be shown above the keyboard at suggestions strip. It makes typing way very easy.

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6. Splitwise

On a weekend with friends or usually share expenses with your roommates. For those whose answer is Yes, Splitwise application is actually made for you. You can keep track of all your expenses you share with your friends. In Splitwise, you just have to enter the name of the expense then how much you paid versus your friends. Once done, categorize the expenses. Now, the Splitwise application will what amount you and your friends should pay. Basically, Splitwise is the smartest way to keep track of expenses and splitting expenses.

7. AnyList

What’s more? Here, we have AnyList. This application is available for iOS devices. If you like to cook and share the grocery list with your friends then AnyList is the best app for you. In AnyList, you can add up your recipes, add a picture of the dish and add notes to remember later. The user-interface of the app is quite simple and clean making it a user-friendly app. iPhone users can download this app from App Store.

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8. Get The Flight Out

Next, must install needful dailylife app, we have Get The Flight Out. Have planned a trip spontaneously or looking for a flight because of family emergency? In that case, Get the Flight Out helps a lot. Here, you just have to type the name of the airport then destination. You will find all the lists of flights and pricing as well. So, you can check the timing of next flight or which flight you should take. The user-interface of the app is good and simple to use.

9. Yahoo! Weather

Yahoo! Weather is an amazing weather app available for both Android and iOS devices. Why install this app, if iPhone has already weather app? The answer is Yahoo! Weather offers best features than typical weather app. You can add more than one cities to know the weather. Moreover, it displays hourly weather, the chance of rain, forecast of the week, wind rate, pressure rate, sunrise and sunset timing and much more.

10. Foursquare City Guide

The last app in this list and must install daily life app, we have Foursquare City Guide. Foursquare app will help you in exploring new places nearby you. Based on your activity, people you follow, your interests, Foursquare will show you the best recommendations. Let’s consider an example, if you have ever specified that you like Italian then it will alert you whenever there is an Italian restaurant nearby.

Final Words

Here, we have featured the top 10 best must install daily life apps for both Android and iOS devices of 2019. Let us know in the comment section below if you know any other best dailylife app for Android and iOS devices that must be listed above. Also, comment below if have any questions. We will try our best to solve your all problems.

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