[Important] Link Your Aadhar Card With Mobile Number to Continue Using Services


Before we get started, this news is very IMPORTANT for all SIM card users. As per the new rules & regulations of Supreme Court, now every users have to link their  Aadhar card with mobile number, otherwise you won’t be able to use services.

Remember, if you’re Jio user then you don’t need to do anything. If you recall, when you have purchased your Jio SIM card, they have issued you the SIM card on the basis of Aadhar number so that is already linked at that time. Heck, great relief for Jio users.

Now, talking about other operators, we all need to connect our number with Aadhar, otherwise, nothing will work.

Recently, Airtel & Idea users started getting a message having details about the same that, link your mobile with Aadhar card as per government regulations to continue using services.

Let’s explain, what the hell is this exactly.

WhatLink Your Aadhar Card to Your Mobile Number Now to Stay ActiveExactly Means?

As per the instructions given by Government of India and DOT (Department of Telecommunications) to all the telecom operators, they have a strict instruction that, they will need to re-verify all their existing users by linking their Aadhar number with your mobile number.

The instruction is not specified for any telecom operator which means, no matter which operator do you use, you would have to re-verify your mobile number by linking it to your Aadhar number.

For now, only giant companies Airtel & Idea has started this initiative.

You must have a got a message from their side in which a short notice has mentioned about the same instructions. Like in below screenshot.

Link your Aadhar Card with mobile number

How to Link Your Aadhar Card to Your Mobile Number?

Concluding everything, the main question is, how to link Aadhar Card to your mobile number? It’s very simple. Follow below steps.

  • First of all, visit nearest Airtel or Idea official store.
  • Tell them about the message and submit the required documents.
  • Required documents includes, proof you provided while purchasing SIM card, Your Aadhar Card and your passport size photo.
  • A OTP will be sent to your mobile number.
  • Provide the OTP to them and give your fingerprint at the machine they provide for biometric verification.
  • You will receive an another confirmation message within 24 hours on your mobile number.
  • Reply to that message with “Y” and Voila! You’re done.
  • That’s it, you have now verified your mobile number by linking it your Aadhar card and now you won’t need to anything.

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Is it Important to Link Your Aadhar Card to Your Mobile Number?

Yes, it is. The instruction is very strict and should not be tolerated at any cost. You have to go through the whole process. It may be possible that you’re taking all these things lightly but you will face it soon when your services started interrupting by this.

Is there any Deadline for this?

Of course, Yes! You need to complete all these things verification process before February 6, 2018. Yes, the duration is long but remember that when all crowd will reach for this service at same time then you may have to face problem.
So, it will be a wise decision to go ahead and complete the process now by following the simple steps mentioned above.

No Problem for Jio Users!

Jio has already done the Aadhar linking process at the time of issuing the SIM card, so it’s happy news for Jio users. But if you have another SIM card in backup other than Jio. Don’t ignore this notice and link your Aadhar card with your mobile number as soon as possible.

The service is absolutely free of cost and you don’t need to pay any money for it. Just go ahead and follow the process mentioned above.

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