10 Live TV Streaming Sites to Watch Live TV Channels Online

Live TV Channels

Humans always need a source to get entertained in order to get relaxed and cut themselves from the surrounding stressed environment. Hopefully, there are live TV channels exists, and they are also widely streamed by users around the globe. However, due to busy schedule, sometimes the TV show get missed. But don’t worry. There are various online live TV channels streaming websites on the internet. Therefore, to make your work easier. Below, we have listed top 10 best websites for live TV channels streaming.

List of Websites to Stream Live TV Channels Online for Free of All Time

1. Stream2Watch

Our list of the best websites to stream Live TV channels begins with Stream2Watch. This website offers a great quality content to its users. There is no need to create an account or any sign-up. Simply, head over to this website then click on the Television section. Here, you will find a great number of TV Channels offering you live TV streaming. Moreover, the whole service is free. You don’t even need to pay a single penny to access content on Stream2Watch.

On Stream2Watch, you will find a total of 1000 TV channels from all around the globe. Even, the user-interface makes a surplus in the great service of it.

2. TV Catch Up

Second, we have TV Catch Up. Missed your favorite TV show? Or the network cable of TV Catch Up is not clear in your region then trust me, TV Catch will cut off the gap between you and your favorite TV Channel. If you live in United Kingdom then you don’t need to scroll down to this list because this website will be a one stop solution for live TV Channel steaming. You can access this website from your iPhone, Android, Laptop, Desktop, Amazon Kindle or any gadget with a good internet connection.

This website gets updated on daily basis and all the fresh content is the main highlight of TV Catch Up.

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3. Hulu Live TV

Hulu is one of the popular and widely used service to stream Live TV channels from around the globe. I will not be surprised if you are using it already or tried it before. They offer one month free trial for first time users. After the free trial ends you will need to pay for their Premium service. The prices of premium services are quite affordable and stands it to be the best live TV streaming service.

They have more than 50 TV channels from around the globe. Moreover, they also let users record live TV shows for up to 50 hours. If not tried yet then you must give Hulu a try.

4. Hotstar

Next, we have Hotstar. Hotstar is operated by Star India. Therefore, here you will find all channels of Star India. They also have featured their android and iOS operating system supporting apps. If you live in India then nothing is better for you than Hotstar because Hotstar is developed for Indian audience. This service was launched few years ago in 2015 and it has gained much popularity in just few times.

Currently, you will find Hotstar app installed in smartphones of most of the Indians. Apart from Drama TV channels, users can also stream live sports matches on Hotstar.

5. FreeTBHub.com

Fifth in this list, we have FreeTBHub.com. This online live TV streaming service offers more than 400 channels from all around the world. Even, the user-interface of this website is a surplus for it resultant in gaining user-base and popularity. They also have featured a search bar on the homepage that can be used to simply type the keywords or channel or TV show you are in search of then you will get the results.

This website performs its job very well. You will never find any restrictions while surfing online live TV channels and shows on FreeTBHub.com.

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6. Freee TV

Freee TV is another best online live TV channels service that you will find best fit for your needs. This website offers the best user-interface, you can expect from a live TV streaming service online. Even, if you are just visiting them for the first time then it will just take a few minutes for you to find your favourite TV show. The best thing is that they let you stream more than 1800 TV Channels from around the globe.

Not only live TV Channels and shows, Freee TV also feature movies, web series, news, sports and much more. You must give Freee TV a must try.

7. Crackle

Crackle is one of the most popular and widely used online TV shows and other entertaining stiff streaming platform on the internet. This website has a huge database of TV shows, movies, entertaining videos that everyone loves to watch. The user-interface of Crackle is very clean and straightforward that you will find user-friendly. This service is developed by Sony Pictures and the best part is you can access the content for completely free.

Even, there is no need to create an account first or sign-up on Crackle. Simply browse and stream your favorite TV shows.

8. Tubi TV

Tubi TV is a one stop solution for your TV streaming on the internet. Apart from streaming TV Shows, users can also stream full length High Definition movies and entertaining videos on Tubi TV. This service is already widely used among live TV shows lovers. There is also a search bar located at the top of the homepage that can be used to browse and stream your favorite TV shows.

This website is well-organized and you will never find any restrictions while streaming your Favorited live TV shows, movies and videos on Tubi TV.

9. BBC iPlayer

If you missed your favorite TV show on TV then don’t worry. Simply get your hands on BBC iPlayer and you can find the TV show on it. Thus, you can stream TV shows by crossing the time circumstances. Not only live TV shows, you will find news, sports, songs on BBC iPlayer. BBC stands for British Broadcasting Channel and their digital form is known as BBC iPlayer.

Here, you will entertaining content from all genres and categories. There is also a search bar located at the top left side of the website that let you find your favorite TV shows.

10. USTV Now

On the last, we have USTV Now. If you live in United States then you probably heard of it. USTV Now is a live TV channels streaming service in United States of America. You can stream their service from your smartphone, iPhone, laptop, desktop or iPad. The only limitation with this website is that you only get 6 live TV channels if you are joining their free plan.

In order to access a wide range of TV Channels and shows, you have to pay to access their premium services. First visit them and give a try. If you liked the service then you can move forward with premium service.

The Final Deal

There are lot of websites exist on Internet that offers live TV channels streaming. However, most of them are not free or full of advertisements and junks. But, here we have listed top 10 best websites to stream Live TV channels for free. You can try any service from above to get best results. Comment below if you have any questions.

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