LTE Download Speed in India Is 4.5 Times Faster At Night

LTE Download Speed India 4.5 Times Faster Night

The usage of 4G is growing rapidly in India. Amid 4G penetration, Navi Mumbai had scored an average of 8.1Mbos download speed. That is quite amazing.  Allahabad had got the last spot with an average data speed of 4.0Mbps. LTE Download Speed India 4.5 Times Faster Night.

What OpenSignal Had To Say:

London-based wireless signal mapping company, OpenSignal sais there are 4 million subscribers in 20 states who have experienced an average speed of 16.8 Mbps download speed at night whereas on average the download speed is 6.5Mbps daily. LTE Download Speed India 4.5 Times Faster Night.

Even in 2017, Navi Mumbai has the highest 4G download speeds of 8.72Mbps, but the average download speed is now reduced to 8.1 Mbps in 2018, according to OpenSignal’s report.

LTE Download Speed India 4.5 Times Faster Night

Download Speed Varies Depending On City:

Indian mobile phone users experience varying 4G download speed depending on the city they are living in. Navi Mumbai led our 20 cities’ ranking with double the speed of Allahabad, which came last.

Technical Analyst Of OpenSignal Quotes:

Francesco Rizzato, Technical Analyst at Opensignal quoted, “Hyderabad has the most consistent speeds and Allahabad has the highest variance. In all cities, 4G download speeds changed considerably at different hours of the day, the average download speeds being at 4.5 times faster at night,”

LTE Download Speed India 4.5 Times Faster Night

During Busiest Hours:

During busiest hours, download speed drops to 2.8Mbps whereas in Allahabad the download speed drops to 2Mbps.

However, when the network isn’t so congested, download speed jumps to 10.3Mbps and it can go up to 21.6Mbps depending on the city you are living in.

LTE Download Speed India 4.5 Times Faster Night:

Rizzato also said, “The wide range between a city’s fastest hourly speed and the average speed smartphone users experience shows the challenge India’s operators face from the need to support a large number of users consuming mobile data services,”

All the cities witness speeds that tend to decrease over the course of the day and reach the slowest at 10 PM when presumably most users are connected to the Internet accessing entertainment services on the mobile.

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