MacBook Pro 13-inch Bids Goodbye To The Butterfly Keyboard


MacBooks are one of the most popular and successful products that have come out from Apple. MacBook Pro 13-inch Bids Goodbye Butterfly Keyboard. People have loved the integration of iPhones and MacBooks.

Some people don’t want to leave the Apple ecosystem, and one of the biggest reasons is MacBooks. They will help you in completing your work seamlessly. macOS is one of the prominent factors for the success of MacBooks. Out of all the MacBooks, MacBook Pro is one of the bestselling MacBooks of Apple.

MacBook Pro 13-inch Bids Goodbye Butterfly Keyboard

MacBook Pro is very much industry-standard and can be use for heavy work as well. But the recent MacBook Pro 13-inch didn’t receive the same love as did the other MacBooks and the reason was the Butterfly keyboard mechanism.

MacBook Pro 13-inch Bids Goodbye Butterfly Keyboard:

Butterfly mechanism ruins the MacBook experience. Butterfly mechanism was on the radar for quite a long time as users were feeling it to be weird to type on with keys getting stuck all the time. Apple introduced a butterfly keyboard back in the year 2015, however they are now on the verge of killing this mechanism. Apple launched Magic Keyboard, which will give the users a smooth feeling while typing.

Now with the new Magic Keyboard, the MacBook Pro 13-inch is going to start from a price of Rs 1,22,990 and in the US for $1,299. It is not available in India right now.

MacBook Pro 13-inch Bids Goodbye Butterfly Keyboard

Apple MacBook Pro 13 Inch:

Apple has claimed that the new MacBook Pro 13-inch will perform 2.8 times better than the previous generations MacBook Pros 13-inch which has a dual-core processor. This will also come with new Iris graphics which can run 6k resolution in your MacBook. The regular version of the MacBook Pro 13-inch will come with 16GB of 3733MHz memory. It will have a 256GB SSD with sequential read speeds of up to 3 Gbps.

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