How to Make Whiteboard Animations [Free Tutorial]

Sparkol VideoScribe - Make Whiteboard Animations

Have you ever watched a video on YouTube or somewhere else, where everything is explained on a Whiteboard? If you’re a video lover then surely got to see that type of exciting videos. Well, you might have guessed out that they all are not recorded using a camera & tripod, right? So, they do make that videos? There are a couple of Softwares available to make Whiteboard animations for you and here I’m going to talk about one the best of them called “VideoScribe“.

These type of videos will be very helpful to engage your audience and looks pretty decent, I think so. It will help you explaining tough concepts to your viewers easily with the help of animation coupled with your voice.

For instance, if you looking for animation maker or animation creator like something for your brand work then surely go for stunning softwares like MAYA. This is a basic animated explainer videos maker for small purposes.

Let’s suppose you are running a YouTube channel and want to make an animation for your channel intro like something or even want to create animated videos to talk with viewers then this one suits perfect there.

I’m using this software for a little long and found it has some cool features inside help you in creating awesome whiteboard animation videos.

Sparkol VideoScribe - Make Whiteboard Animations

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How to Make Whiteboard Animations? (Hand Drawn Presentation)

I already mentioned this isn’t an animation movie maker app or something like that. This just a basic whiteboard animation videos maker software.

Now, the simple answer for above question is Sparkol VideoScribe.

So, What the hell is this VideoScribe?

VideoScribe is a paid software by Sparkol, which helps you to create stunning Whiteboard animations for various purposes. The interface of this software is clean and amenable, seems easy to use.

How to make Whiteboard animations using Sparkol VideoScribe

Even if you’re a beginner you can use this software easily & videos still comes out looks like a pro, amazing, isn’t it?

Still wondering, how to do. A little guide by me to help you. But before I start explaining that to you, follow below steps to download this software.

Free Download Sparkol VideoScribe to make Whiteboard Animations Software

Is that free? Obviously, not. Then why I mentioned free in the heading above.

Don’t worry, you can get Sparkol VideoScribe Software free for 7 days, this period is called trial period. I think trial is the best way to judge whether the software it up to the mark or not.

If you visit sparkol directly, you won’t get that free trial, then? Just follow below steps.

1) First of all, Download VideoScribe here.

2) Install that setup and launch it.

3) You will be prompted to log in to the Sparkol account.

Note: In order to use VideoScribe, you need to subscribe for a plan. Use below link to get 7 days free trial subscription.

4) visit this link to get Sparkol VideoScribe Free for 7 days.

Or Hit on the image below to do the same.

5) That’s it! Now, use Sparkol VideoScribe Whiteboard Animation maker for free.

6) If you’re happy with the software then move to the paid plan after 7 days.

How to Use VideoScribe to Make Whiteboard Animations?

It’s pretty common question, everyone ask for. Below mentioned videos has satisfying answer to your question. This is a playlist of videos with complete guide on how VideoScribe works and how to use it.

Start Using VideoScribe – Whiteboard Animation Video Maker

Most of the videos you watch these days on YouTube are created using this cool software called VideoScribe. Start using this software for yours too and you will start receiving some cool response from your views, also videos looks bit professional.

Hope this guide helps you to make Whiteboard animations easily now. It took long to get completed, but only take you seconds when you share.


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