Massive Nintendo Hack in April Breached 300,000 Accounts


INTRO: Japanese video game major, Nintendo, has revealed a major security breach that impacts around 300,000 accounts. The company had earlier said that 160,000 accounts were accessed by hackers. However, it is now admitting that the scale of the hack was much larger than originally thought.

Nintendo Revealed Major Security Breach 

According to Nintendo, the continuing investigation into the hack revealed that 140,000 additional accounts were impacted. In a statement released Tuesday, Nintendo said that the hack might have compromised private user-information, including birthdays and e-mail addresses. Thankfully, the hackers are said to have been unable to access any credit card details.

Meanwhile, in spite of the massive hack, Nintendo says that less than 1% of all NNIDs (Nintendo Network IDs) around the world that were illegally logged into, may have had fraudulent transactions. “We are still in the process of refunding in each country, but we have already finished refunding for most customers”, the company said.

Remedial Measures Have Been Taken For EVery Affected Customer 

As a remedial measure, Nintendo says it has reset the passwords for all NNIDs and the linked Nintendo accounts. It also says that it contacted every affected customer separately. The company also apologized for the developments and pledged to take additional security measures to prevent a recurrence of such incidents.

The company said on its Japanese blog that “We sincerely apologize for any kind of inconvenience caused and this for the concern to our customers and all the related parties. In the future, we will strive much more to further strengthen security and ensure safety so that similar events do not occur again in the future”. So were you impacted by the hack? Let us know in the comments down below.

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