Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 To Launch In India Alongside Xiaomi Mi 10

Earphones Launch Alongside Mi 10

Xiaomi has been able to impress Indians with affordable gadgets and devices over the year. Earphones Launch Alongside Mi 10. You can get a variety of tech products from Xiaomi such as audio output devices, smartphones, televisions even trimmers too.

One thing that Xiaomi has not come up with till now is the wireless earphones. But this will now change with the launch of Xiaomi Mi 10. On 8th May Mi 10 is going to launch.

Earphones Launch Alongside Mi 10

Xiaomi India MD, Manu Kumar Jain sent out a tweet that features a short clip of the pair of true wireless earphones.

In the video, you will be able to see the lid of a charging case to be slightly open hinting towards the True Wireless Earphones 2.

Xiaomi has already launched the Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 globally. But the Indian market still as not received the product yet.

But the tweet sent out by Manu Kumar, MD of Xiaomi India gives a clear hint about the product to be launched alongside the Xiaomi Mi 10 on May 8. One of the critical factors related to the launch will be the pricing Xiaomi goes with.

Indian customers won’t opt for something that is too expensive. Such as Realme Buds Air which is a good and affordable product. Recently the Realme Buds Air is being sold at rupees 3999. Earphones Launch Alongside Mi 10.

Earphones Launch Alongside Mi 10

Xiaomi True Wireless Earphone is sold at EURO 80 in the UK , it is expected the price of the wireless airphone will be priced at nearly 3999.

The design of the earphone is a lot more like that of Apple. It will look like an earpiece with an outer ear fit which will have 14.2mm drivers. Bluetooth 5.0 and LHDC is the core thing behind this earphone.

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