Microsoft Edge Can Now Sync Your Extensions Across Devices


EdgeINTRO: Microsoft has today started rolling out an update to Edge that brings in a much-needed feature — extension syncing. With the latest update, Edge can now automatically sync extensions across devices.

Microsoft Edge Gets Extension Syncing Feature

Microsoft Edge will no be able to do extension syncing which was a much-needed feature for the users. This new feature was teased alongside with all the improvements that have announced for Edge at Build 2020, and today it’s finally rolling it out. The update v83.0.478.37 of the browser brings this new feature in town for its Edge users.

Microsoft Edge adds extension sync, sidebar search, more - 9to5Google

Basically what this feature means or will bring you is that when you install Edge on a new machine, then your extensions will automatically be there. This would be really great especially for someone who switches between devices a lot.

Improvements In Collection Work In Microsoft  Edge

Microsoft Edge: New feature and improvements coming soon

This is not the only feature that Microsoft Edge has been up to till now. The update also brings some improvements to how Collections work in Edge. Notably, you can now drag and drop content into a collection. This is really handy, and makes collections a more intuitive feature. The update also brings along the ability for users to exempt some cookies from getting deleted when the browser is closed. This way, you can ensure that you don’t get logged out of websites automatically.

More Features Awaited in The Second Half Of 2020

While some of the features Microsoft Edge was talking about at Build 2020 are updated, but the other some of the ones are still missing. For example, the feature of the sidebar search feature isn’t here yet. Neither is the feature of Pinterest integration with Collections. The latest Edge update is rolling out already, but it might take some time before it reaches you so be patient if you don’t see it yet.


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