Microsoft Edge Chromium Starts Rolling Out Via Windows Update


INTRO: The Chromium-based Microsoft Edge has been available as a standalone download on Windows for a while, but it has now started rolling out via Windows Update. The new update replaces the old, Edge HTML-based version as the default browser on the system.

In an official blog post announcing about the new update, Microsoft said: “This new version provides best in class compatibility with extensions and websites. Additionally to all of that aforementioned, this is a new version that provides great support for all the latest rendering capabilities, modern web applications, and powerful developer tools across all supported OS platforms”.

Updating to Chromium Edge should be a seamless process. Microsoft says that all Start Menu pins, as well as Taskbar pins and shortcuts, will migrate to the new version. All data from earlier versions of Edge, including passwords, will be available in the new version. Additionally, most protocols that Microsoft Edge handles will migrate to the new software.

Microsoft company had last week started bringing out a Windows 10 Update with all the new features and improvements and fixes. But, one of the most notable changes was the inclusion of Chromium Edge as the default browser. Unfortunately, the update has now been blocked on a large number of devices after Microsoft said it discovered a series of critical issues to the users. These include unexpected BSODs or reboots, Bluetooth issues, inconsistent mouse inputs, and much more.

Anyway with all of that said, you can install Edge Chromium on your PC via Windows Update or download the full May 2020 Update the package will manually if it is unavailable via Windows Update. But do remember that doing so might create compatibility issues in some cases of the windows.


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