Microsoft Edge Gets Free NewsGuard Access to Fight Fake News


INTRO: Microsoft has now partnered with all the fact-checking website NewsGuard to now provide free access to its service for all Microsoft Edge users. NewsGuard is available at a $2.95 monthly subscription fee for the customers using other web browsers.

NewsGuard Will Provide Free Access To Microsoft Edge Users

NewsGuard becomes free for all Microsoft Edge users | ZDNet

After the partnership with Microsoft, now NewsGuard will provide its free access to all the Microsoft Edge Users. NewsGuard was previously integrated into the mobile version of Edge and this agreement brings the same to the recently-launched Edge browser based on Chromium. On top of this, Microsoft’s Bing search engine will now have access to real-time NewsGuard data.

NewsGuard  CEO said:

“We are very delighted to be able to expand our relationship with such a big tech giant company Microsoft, which is a leader among companies in initiating taking steps to address the unforeseen, unintended consequences of the new technologies,”

 “The internet has ensured  people all around the world with unprecedented access to information, but the internet has also made it easier than ever for all the misinformation or fake news to spread, including health care hoaxes especially about COVID-19.”

NewsGuard Literacy Program Accesses to 700 Libraries

The Redmond giant has sponsored NewsGuard’s news literacy program through which it provides access to more than 700 libraries across seven million users in the United States, Great Britain, France, Germany, and Italy. The program will also be expanded to Australia and Canada later this year.

Trained Journalists To Review The Credibility Of News Websites

For the ones who are unaware of what it does actually is that, NewsGuard uses trained journalists to review and rate the credibility of news websites and their associated social media handles. Based on apolitical criteria, sites are rated with trust scores ranging from 0 to 100 and are marked with color indicators like Green and Red to denote the trust score.

How to Spot Fake News Online - PC Magazine - Medium

Apart from all these, other Microsoft departments will be able to use NewsGuard’s ratings and labels in their products and services. This includes projects such as Defending Democracy Program and teams within Microsoft Research working to fight misinformation, disinformation, and healthcare hoaxes.

Download NewsGuard extension for Microsoft Edge


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