Microsoft Office Finally Gets Trackpad Support on iPad


INTRO: Earlier this year, before its annual developer conference, WWDC, Apple unveiled the new iPad Pro with a bunch of improvements including, finally, trackpad support on the iPad. Then, with iPadOS 13.4, Microsoft trackpad support was shipped to all or any iPads that were compatible with the update.

Since then, it’s been a reasonably big feature for the iPads, but it’s still catching up in terms of actual app support. While it has been quite some time since iPadOS 13.4 was first introduced, trackpad support is still being added on some of the biggest apps for the iPad.

Today, Microsoft is announcing that it’s iPad Office apps now finally have trackpad support in iPadOS 14. This change applies to Microsoft 360 apps which incorporates Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, and brings the iPad closer to being a totally capable computer, and not just a tablet.

With trackpad support, navigation and operations within Microsoft’s supported apps will now become easier than ever before. Particularly in Microsoft Excel, where you can now select cell ranges with a trackpad or mouse. This was possible before this also , but it had been not as natural or intuitive because it will now be, courtesy of the trackpad. This also means all the essential Office interactions, like selecting and highlighting text, or resizing images during a presentation also can be performed with more natural trackpad gestures instead of touchscreen interactions.

Microsoft is saying that the updates are going to be unrolled to all or any users during a few weeks, so just in case you continue to don’t have trackpad support on Office apps, keep an eye out for new updates.

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