Microsoft Surface Duo is the Best Invention of 2020: Time Magazine


INTRO: After failing with the Lumia devices, Microsoft recently came back to the smartphone market with its Android-powered dual-screen device, the Surface Duo. It is a reasonably unique device, especially as a multi-tasking tool for creators and students. As a result, the Microsoft device was recently crowned as one of the “Best Inventions of 2020” by the popular Time Magazine.

The popular New York City-based weekly news magazine recently shared a post about the Surface Duo, hailing the device as a “glimpse into the future of mobile computing”.

“Is it a phone or is it a notebook? In the case of Microsoft’s Surface Duo, the answer is it’s both. The dual-screen Android smartphone ($1,399) opens like a spiral binder, revealing a pair of screens. Unfold it and it’s a digital ­notebook—drag items from one app to a different , expand one app to fill both screens (perfect for reading), or use a Surface Pen to get some writing done on one screen while you chat on the opposite ,” the magazine said in its blog post.

The Surface Duo has been praised tons for its sleek glass-based design and, especially, its revolutionary hinge which will fold the device all the to the rear , making it a device with displays on both sides. And Time Magazine author, Patrick Lucas Austin thinks that this design features a lot of potential going into the longer term , despite its current flaws.

“The Surface Duo seems like an idea device but also a glimpse into the longer term of mobile computing: it won’t replace your iPhone and its killer camera just yet, but it’s easy to see how it one day might,” added the publication.

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